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A Delicious Weekend

It was a very busy weekend for my wife and I...mainly for my wife. We managed to get a lot of food and a lot of family members at our place for my youngest son's first birthday party. It was a lot of fun and there was a lot of food. So much food, in fact, that I managed to pack on five pounds in less than 48 hours. I blame the eight Ham & Swiss sandwiches, two pounds of five-layer nacho dip, the full bag of Cheese and Horseradish potato chips, and the litre of premium ice cream for my sudden weight gain.

Still, it was all for a good cause...

I managed to fit in a bit of poker yesterday afternoon. I played in the $22.5K freeroll at Full Tilt Poker (courtesy of RakeTheRake). I donked out in 700th place or something in level 3. I've really forgotten how to play tournament poker. I was knocked out when my 66 ran into another guy's AA. He'd either 3-bet me or floated me on each of my last four pre-flop raises; I guess I really didn't feel like playing anymore. I happily called off the last of my 17 BB stack with a small pocket pair and got punished. It's good to know that I'm a tournament donkey.

I also played a quick Turbo SNG at Party yesterday. Party gave me another $10 for free so I figured I'd donk it off in a SNG. I think there was something buggy with my installation of the new Party software. For some reason, I couldn't manually type in my bet amounts. I hate using my mouse and a software slider to size my bets. Software deficiencies aside, I busted on the bubble for a $0 payday.

With poker out of the way, I settled in for a little Force Unleashed and finished the game off. It was short but sweet! I really, really wish that I could pick up and move people and a variety of other things using only a few discrete hand gestures. I'd either become a superhero or I'd start up my own moving company. Either one could work out well, I think.

No time for hand histories today. I'm still planning on heading back to work on my 6-max game in preparation for my jump to $200 NLHE. But I'll be way too tired to play tonight due to various "baby-crying-all-night-long" issues. I've had a fairly good month at the tables though nothing quite as spectacular as some of the months I've been having of late. Still, being up is always good and I may stay clear of the tables to artificially lock in another winning month for myself; my ego can be so easy to please at times.

Have a good one!

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