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My plans for the weekend are pretty simple: family, poker, and video games. And maybe a little beer too!

Speaking of beer, I've been doing pretty well with my diet: 21 lbs. lost since June 2nd and 35 lbs. lost since April. I'm still pretty husky but at least my gut doesn't hang over my belt quite so much anymore.

In terms of weight lost versus bankroll gained, my bankroll's definitely winning that fight thanks to a good month of July. I thought I'd be a little more hyped to play poker this month given my success at the tables but things haven't worked out that way. I blame Half-Life 2 for my current lack of poker play.

However, I am planning on logging some hours this weekend. I figure a thousand hands or more is quite do-able if I can just fire up my laptop and get on a bit of a roll. I really wish that I could get my PokerStars bonus finished up so that I could go back to Full Tilt. The games at Full Tilt were crazy good!

One last thing: Party Poker gave me a little more free cash to use at their super-juicy tables. Unfortunately, it's only $10 so I'll have to hit and run the $50 tables and hope to get lucky.

Have a great weekend!

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