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Weekend Update: Dark Knight, Half-Life 2, and Poker

Things are pretty busy today so I don't have time for a real post.

See my weekend update after the jump.

Here's what I did over the weekend:

  • Broke my SNG winless streak on Friday night at PokerStars. I played seven SNGs: won one, came second twice, and lost the rest. It felt nice to take one down again!

  • My wife and I saw The Dark Knight! Very good movie. Was it the greatest movie of all time? No. But it was pretty damned good. My wife preferred Batman Begins; I liked both equally.

  • I played a whole lot of Half-Life 2 on my Xbox 360. Just when I think poker's taken over as my number one hobby, video games hit back with a vengeance. Although Half-Life 2 is over four years old, I think it's great! I don't think I've ever played a video game quite as intense as this one. Awesome stuff!

  • I hopped onto PokerStars last night for a little poker. I played 381 hands and dropped 76 BBs. I was doing well until I overplayed my overpair against a solid player. He picked my game apart, hit a good flop, and got me to stack off for over 150 BB. I played like a donkey by forgetting about such concepts as pot control, stack to pot ratios, and not stacking off for over 150 BB! Lesson learned? I hope so!
Even though I'll be firing up my Xbox 360 a little more this month, I am sticking with my commitment to play at least 5000 hands of poker a month. I'd like to continue improving my game and padding my bankroll whenever given the chance. I've got lots of hands to put up on the site so I'm not hurting for content. And I may even put up the overpair hand described above, even though I'm horribly embarrassed by how poorly I played the hand.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I'll be back tomorrow!

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