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The Weekend Hammer

I ended up putting in a number of hands over the weekend. I'm aiming to play at least 5000 hands of poker a month for as many months as I can before I inevitably "give up poker" yet again. In any case, poker over the weekend was both good and bad. I played fairly well if a little too robotically at times. I made some good plays, a number of bad plays, and a couple good lay-downs in spots where I might have called (and likely lost) in the past.

Many of my costly leaks all involve the psychology of the game. I keep thinking that people are playing back at me. In turn, this type of thinking justifies some disastrous "hero calls" on my part. Another big leak that I have occurs when I adjust an opponent's range of hands based on how I'd play the hand in question. And I constantly overestimate the amount of fold equity that I have in some situations while grossly underestimating my fold equity in other profitable spots.

What can I say? Poker's tough. I'm learning but it's a slow process.

My month-to-date totals are less than stellar this month. I'm only running at about 3 BB/100 which is quite a ways below my average win rate over my first 15,000 hands of $100 NLHE. I had a bit of bad luck over the weekend, especially with my big pair hands. But hey, what goes around comes around, right?

Here's a hand where it definitely came back around...

No Limit Holdem Ring game
Blinds: $0.50/$1
5 players

Stack sizes:
UTG: $101.25
CO: $116.30
Villain (Button): $62.50
SB: $179.90
Hero (BB): $100

Pre-flop: (5 players) Hero is BB with Q♦ Q♥
2 folds, Villain raises to $5, SB folds, Hero raises to $15, Villain calls.

(I'm new to the table so no reads on the Villain. My 3-bet and Villain's call puts the SPR for this hands at somewhere between 1 and 2. I'll be willing to stack off as long as an Ace doesn't hit the flop.)

Flop: 7♠ 3♣ A♠ ($30.5, 2 players)
Hero checks, Villain checks.

(Damned Ace! I check to allow the Villain to bet. If I bet, I may only get action from Villain if he has an ace. If I check, Villain may take a stab at the pot with a number of other hands. When Villain checks through on the flop, I plan to bet the turn.)

Turn: J♣ ($30.5, 2 players)
Hero bets $16, Villain calls.

(I'm pretty sure that I'm ahead. I bet just over half the pot in an attempt to induce a bluff from the Villain.)

River: 4♦ ($62.5, 2 players)
Hero checks, Villain checks.

(Again, there's little point in betting the river. Villain called on the turn. If I bet, Villain will likely fold many hands that I beat. I'd rather check and induce a bluff in this spot. When Villain checks, I'm expecting to see a hand like KQ or a pocket pair.)

Final pot: $62.5
Hero showed Qd Qh
Villain showed 7c 2c

(That is not how you play the hammer...)

Have a good one!

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