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What's Old is New Again

Even though I was a little tired last night, I played poker anyway. Rather than continue playing $50 NLHE, I made the jump back up to the $100 NLHE games. I managed to hold my own though I would have shown better results had I played certain situations differently.

I ended up playing one table at Party Poker and the other at PokerStars. Party gave me another $50 cash bonus the other night. I ran the $50 up to $80 on Monday night; I took the $80 to a $100 NLHE 6-max table last night.

I ended up losing $11 at Stars and $5 at Party after an hour of 2-tabling. As always, my session can be summed up in a few hands:

  • I open to $4 with JJ from MP; SB calls and BB makes it $9 total. Fearing a squeeze from SB, I fold.

    As my friend MJ pointed out, this was a mistake. I should've called with my JJ for set value. I had position on both of my opponents and no reason to think that the SB was going to 4-bet. I was only fearing the squeeze play because I'd been forced to fold quite a number of hands over the weekend due to some opponents' aggressive 3-bets and 4-bets. In the future, I'll have to be careful to make the right call based on the information at hand and not for fear of monsters under the bed.

  • I raise a limper with my A♠ 5♠ on the button. Limper appears to be loose but I have no definite reads on him. Flop comes Q♦ J♣ 3♠; I c-bet and limper calls. Turn (5♣) pairs my five and we check through. River (A♣) pairs my ace and the limper checks again. The pot's sitting at $23; the board shows Q♦ J♣ 3♠ 5♣ A♣. I figure that a bet of $13 might get me a call from a loose opponent holding a Q, J, or middle pocket pair in this spot. Villain calls and shows K♣ T♠ for the rivered broadway straight.

  • With my stats at 27/24 for the session, I found myself raising it up to $8 from the BB with 5 limpers in the pot; everyone, including the 63% VP$IP loose player from above, folded. How did they know?
As I said, I made some iffy plays that cost me money and I failed to hit any big hands. But I had fun. I'm enjoying the flexibility afforded me by playing a bigger stack. I like making loose calls in position and trying to hit a big hands or steal pots (I'm working on this aspect of my game) depending on how things turn out in the hand. A lot less robotic and quite a bit more interesting.

I've noticed that William Hill Poker now accepts deposits via Moneybookers. WHP still offers a "paid to play" bonus of £5 per table hour for your first 5 table hours each month. In order to qualify for the bonus, I'd have to play $1/$2 limit poker or $0.50/$1 no-limit poker. My only concern is the lack of traffic on the Cryptologic network since the UIGEA came into effect. But for a guaranteed £25 a month, I may just tough it out.

It looks like Poker Tracker 3 (v14 Beta) is having issues with identifying iPoker's 6-max tables from the hand histories. PT3 support sent me one possible fix last night but it didn't work. I guess I'll have to wait a little bit before I make the full-time jump to PT3. In the meantime, I'll play around with the GUI and try to familiarize myself with the software. It looks pretty slick, barring a few graphical glitches. I'm hopeful that PT3 will be working shortly.

Tonight, I'll be hitting up Party and Titan Poker/PokerStars for little more $100 NLHE. I've found poker to be quite relaxing over the past week. Poker's quite a game when you take away the stress of trying to aggressively move up in stakes and make tons of money. If I make money, that's cool; if not, there's always tomorrow.

Have a good one!


WillWonka said...

Unless you were getting hit with the deck, it seems that a VPIP of 27 is a little high (even for 6 max). According to the HEM Plugging links Article 1, it says once you get past 25.3, you are a downward spiral as far as bb/100 is concerned.

Klopzi said...

Will -

It was a short session, table had a lot of limpers, and I kept picking up AJ/AQ. Typically, my VP$IP hovers around the 17% - 22% mark depending on table conditions.

I just wish that others at the table had noticed that I'd been playing a lot of hands.