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Watts, PokerTime, and the Weekend

It's Friday! I am so glad that the weekend is finally here. I've really been run down this week due to lack of sleep. I'm not sure why my kids aren't sleeping anymore. But I do know that sleep deprivation is slowly causing me to lose my mind. Today's post will be another sampling of poker-related news and such. I'm a little too tired to come up with anything more cohesive than the dijointed notes you'll see after the jump.

I just wanted to give a shout out to Watts! After failing to cash in the WSOP Main Event, he went on to play the WPT Bellagio Cup. He was the chip leader going into the televised final table yesterday. Watts had some tough competition in the form of David Benyamine and John Phan, to name a couple.

In any case, Watts ended up taking down the tournament! For his efforts, Watts takes home a cool $1,670,000! Unbelievable!

Great job Watts!

I received an e-mail response back from PokerTime yesterday. I am required to earn 50 MPPs (player points) at PokerTime's exclusive tables before I can withdraw any money from the site. With that in mind, I played one $20 NLHE table and two $10 NLHE tables last night (the traffic on the site is a little low). Over the course of one hour, I earned...3 points. Hey PokerTime: your stupid bonus requirements and loyalty point system suck balls!

I'm actually more upset at myself for having deposited $20 of my own money into the site. I guess I felt like throwing money away.

As for my games last night, I was down $14 total. I made an awful play on the $20 table. Here's the gist of the hand:
I raised first in with KJo UTG. Table was tight. BB calls.

Flop comes J♦ T 3♦. I bet pot ($1) and get called. Turn is the K♥ so I bet pot again ($3) with my top two pair; BB calls again. At this point, I'm putting him on a flush draw, pair of jacks, two pair (JT the most likely), or a pair/draw combo. In all honesty, Villain could have also had any two at this point due to the general doneky-ness of many of PokerTime's micro-stakes players.

River is a blank, BB checks, and I decide to shove for value against the BB ($15 into a $10 pot) hoping that my move looks like a steal. I felt that I could get this particular Villain to call me with a worse two pair or even something as bad as AJ.

Villain let's his time tick down and calls at the last second with Q9. The prick slow-rolled me with the second nuts. Hilarious...I suck...
I guess I deserved everything I got by falling in love with my top two against an opponent who clearly liked his hand. For what it's worth, Villain ended up being a real LAG-tard whose stack fluctuated from $10 all the way up to $90 and everywhere in between.

So I have about $76 left at PokerTime. I think I'll take it all to the $50 NLHE or $100 NLHE tables and try to play my usual game. If I bust out, it's no big loss. Getting stacked at PokerTime for $76 is not all that different from getting stacked at Full Tilt for $100. The players don't seem all that great at PokerTime; hopefully I'll come out ahead.

The guys at PokerTrainingGuide.com wrote me yesterday to confirm that PokerSavvy's (and DeucesCracked's) poker training videos are all downloadable to iPod (and Zune, I presume).

I'm going to hold off on picking up a Zune until my bankroll's ready to handle the $200 NLHE games. At that point, I'll definitely need to use all help available to turn me from a mediocre poker player into something a little more. And at $250 for the Zune and $25-$30 a month for poker videos, the tuition is not too expensive.

I'm going to take the night off from poker. I'm way too tired to play this evening. But I'm going to try and put in 1000 hands over the course of Saturday and Sunday. I'll most likely be playing at Full Tilt and PokerTime for now, with a little PokerStars thrown in. I'm pretty close to earning myself Silver Star VIP status again.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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