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When it comes to gambling online, there are generally two games that I'll play: blackjack or poker. Although the former can be fun (when winning) and mindlessly easy, I tend to prefer spending my time doing something a little more challenging. When I'm looking to match wits with strangers across the globe, I turn to online poker.

Poker is fun. Poker is challenging. And poker is insanely profitable if you're willing to learn the game and play properly! Online poker has definitely swept the world by storm. Even with the UIGEA in full swing, poker's ongoing popularity is a true testament to the game itself. If you haven't yet gotten involved with online poker, it's never too late to get started! And if you're looking to get a jump up on your competition at the tables, why not give the crew over at Poker Ownage a bit of your web-surfing time?

Poker Ownage is an online poker blog written by player that can relate to the grind (and crazy fun!) of online poker. At Poker Ownage, you will find:

  • A list of current, popular online poker rooms.
  • Reviews of many of today's biggest and best online poker rooms.
  • The latest poker bonus codes that will help you boost your bankroll as you strive to attain the highest levels of poker skill.
  • The rules, tips, and tricks needed to play and succeed at many of today's popular forms of poker including Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hi, and many others.
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