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PokerStars '2X' Reload Bonus: 40% up to $240 (July 2008)

It's PokerStars reload bonus time! Just when things had become crystal clear and I was enjoying my time at Full Tilt too! But the games are so fishy at Stars. Table selection is not quite as important when every table is chock-full of awful players.

Full bonus details after the jump.

Here are the full details regarding the PokerStars reload bonus:

40% up to $240 (deposit $600 for max). Use bonus code 2X. Must earn 20 base FPPs for each $1 in bonus money. Valid until July 31st at 11:59 PM ET. Bonus released in one lump sum. Bonus expires after 180 Days.
20 base FPPs per dollar?! I don't have the numbers in front of me but the rakeback I get at Full Tilt probably beats the heck out of that clearance rate.

Oh well - I'll figure it out tonight. I could probably clear the full bonus in a month's time of three-tabling the 6-max $100 NLHE tables at Stars. But I wonder if I could earn more than $240 in rakeback from Full Tilt over that same period of time.

I love it when online poker rooms fight for my love!

If you don't have a PokerStars account, sign up here or get a PokerStars rakeback account right here. (Note: rakeback at Stars is paid in FPPs and not actual dollars)

And if you'd prefer to play at Full Tilt with rakeback, sign-up through RakeTheRake by clicking here.

Both sites are great and you can't go wrong!


kurokitty said...

Rock!! I'm sad they've taken the Xbox360 off of their VIP store list.

Klopzi said...

kurokitty -

I'm still gunning for the $250 gift certificate for FutureShop (a.k.a. BestBuy). Only 10,000 more FPPs to go...