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When I started playing online poker a few years back, I didn't really know what I was doing. I saw an ad on TV for a poker room and signed up later that day. I knew nothing about the poker room when I fired up my first table. I didn't know that there were trusted poker rooms that offered a better experience for its players. I knew nothing about bonuses. I knew nothing about deposit methods. I jumped into the water head-first without first checking the water for rocks or sharks.

Things are very different today for new poker players looking to find poker game online (sic.). Why settle for signing up with the first online poker room that you come across? There is a site that can help you find the best poker rooms online. And that site's name is PokerIntensity.com.

Poker Intensity is not your run of the mill portal site looking for random Internet traffic to generate online poker room referral revenue. Just take a look at the site and you'll spot the difference immediately. PokerIntensity.com is a well designed site offering users many features that other similar sites (if such a comparison can truly be made) simply do not offer. Here's a quick rundown of what you'll find:

  • A "Contact Us" page: Good luck finding this feature on a typical poker room review site.
  • Online Poker Rooms: This section lists deposit bonus information, reload bonus information, promotions, incentives, and quality reviews for many of today's top online poker rooms.
  • Online Poker News: Read up on the latest poker industry news and happenings.
  • New Player's Guide: Get all the information you'll need to make informed decisions regarding online poker including legal issues, tax issues, and deposit methods.
  • Poker Odds Calculator: Don't be a fish! Do your homework and know the odds before hitting the tables.
  • And so much more!
I could say more about PokerIntensity.com but I think that their mission statement says it all:
Poker Intensity mission: To provide free, in-depth, knowledgeable, and objective information to the online poker playing community. We do this by providing three things:
  1. We recommend online poker rooms that have passed our tests.
  2. We supply as much up-front information as possible about these online poker rooms.
  3. We make available a list of online poker rooms to avoid.
Our goal is to make online poker easier and more lucrative for you.
Whether you're looking for the best poker rooms online, the best deposit and reload bonus offers, quality online poker room reviews, or even a list of blacklisted poker rooms, PokerIntensity.com is a great place to start! Please give them a visit today!

The preceding was a paid review for PokerIntensity.com.

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