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It's a Bizarro World

Sometimes I just don't get it. For months on end, I lose most coin-flips when it really matters. I bubble out of sit-n-go after sit-n-go. My bankroll goes from impressive to mediocre. My poker skills go from seemingly solid to flat-out terrible. And my confidence in my ability to pull off a winning session disappears completely.

Monday evening, it's like I was living in Bizarro world. With the help of a friend and some refreshing drinks, I had a fairly solid night at the tables.

My first stop was Titan Poker's $20 PLO (6-max) tables. In the span of an hour, I played very few hands but held my own. Highlights include:

  • Raising first-in on the button with K♥ 9♥ 9♦ J♥. I got called by both the SB and BB. Flop came down 9♠ 6♥ 3♥. BB pots it, I re-pot, SB folds, and BB calls. Turn completes my second nut-flush draw and we get it all the money in. River is another heart; my flush beats the BB's busted straight draw.

  • A couple orbits later, I find myself sitting in the SB with A♥ A♦ A♣ 8♣. The same villain as the hand above raises and the tight button flat calls. I decide that I wouldn't mind getting heads-up against the Villain given my hand. I pot it, Villain calls, and the button folds. Flop comes Q♣ T♥ 5♠. I check-raise the Villain all-in and he shows me his flopped set of Queens. I miss the lone remaining ace and both of my backdoor draws and lose a good-sized pot.

  • Three limpers to me on the button and I raise it up with my K♠ K♣ J♠ T♣. Everyone folds. Respect...
I was a little lost at times playing 6-max PLO. I wasn't too sure how to judge my pre-flop hand values against a smaller field. I think I did alright though. In the end, I was down $1.25 after being up as much as $30 at one point.

After PLO, I settled into another beer and some SNGs at Full Tilt. In my first SNG, I took down third place by bad beating a solid player when my A8 sucked out on his AJ (all-in pre-flop). In my second SNG, I sucked out on another player when my 66 flopped a set against his QQ (all-in pre-flop). Heads-up play in this second SNG lasted one hand. I pushed with QTs and my opponent insta-called with AA.

Considering that I only placed in both SNGs by being extremely lucky, my faith in poker is still somewhat lacking. I guess I made pretty standard pushes and plays in both SNGs. It's just so shocking to see how the random drop of a card can make or break any player at any time. I guess I'm still having trouble seeing the long-run effects of skill over luck in poker. I used to see it...I just don't at the moment.

But hey - I'm not complaining. My bankroll got a nice little boost of just over $20. And I had a good time! And even though I was worried about the effects of Monday night's chips and beer on my planned weight-loss, I was down 13 pounds (31.3 BMI) from my starting weight as of 6:55 AM this morning.

Bankroll's going up, weight's coming down; life is good.

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Have a good one!

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