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Time to Gamble

My wife wanted me to hit the exercise bike last night. But I was too tired. The only thing worse than exercising while tired is exercising and gambling while tired. But I can assure you, my readers, that I will be gambling tomorrow night. My $100 bonus at Party expires on Saturday and I've barely put a dent in it. I think I'll go with a PLO, PLO8, and NLHE cocktail and see what damage I can do to my bonus money.

If I can't seem to get anything going with the poker, I may choose to follow the blackjack route. If I could double my $100 bonus to $200, I'd have a sufficient bankroll to troll around the low stakes PLO8 tables as I continue to work on my "game". Along that line of thought, I now realize that AQT4 is not a great PLO8 hand to play from middle position by a fish like me. If the Ace had been suited then the hand looks a little better. I'm sure someone like Shamus would have known how to play the hand properly.

In other news, I'm almost finished playing Bully: Scholarship Edition. Great game if you like Grand Theft Auto but don't feel the need to shoot prostitutes or visit strip clubs. Works for me. It's actually a nice little game. It's still pretty violent and I wouldn't want to see any young teens play the game but it's fine for adults and older teens who have shown themselves to be kind and respectful to friends, family, and everyone else out there.

I think I'll give Half-Life 2 a shot after finishing Bully. It's one of those games that I never played on the PC. I've got it for my Xbox 360 and it's been collecting dust since last Fall.

Before I go, time for a weight/bankroll update:


I'm happy with the weight loss so far. The first week of a diet is always a good one in terms of weight loss. I'm hoping to see the bankroll start growing about the same time that the weight loss slows to a crawl.

So to recap today's post: I'm losing weight, I'm playing video games, and I'm planning on gambling it up like a mo-fo tomorrow night to avoid wasting my Party bonus.

Have a good one!

1 comment:

Pud's Poker said...

I played Half-life 2 on my laptop but it is prehistoric so never ran properly sowould love to give it a try on another format.

Good luck with the bonus clearing. The PLO games on Party are crazy in case you didn't know!