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There are many times that I find myself in a poker funk. It's nice to depend on skill to win me a few bucks here and there. But let's be honest: poker can be an annoying hobby or a low-paying second job. Sometimes I like to just sit back, take a gamble, and hope to make a big score. In my mind, Slots is undoubtedly the most mindless activity one can play at a casino, online or otherwise. Zero skill, all luck, and blessedly mindless.

So I have $50 and I'm feeling like gambling. Where do I go? Are there any deals out there? Is there anything I should know about a specific online casino? Any industry news that I should be aware of? I was the most bang for my buck! Why not visit www.OnlineCasinosDir.com?

www.OnlineCasinosDir.com is a free online directory that lists the best online casinos for Slots and other games of chance. Here's what they offer:

  • Find all the rules and info you'll need to take a good shot at the games offered by online casinos including Slots, blackjack (my favourite), video poker (my second favourite), bingo (I still don't get the whole online bingo thing but whatever), craps, roulette, and Texas Hold'em
  • Lists of the best real money online casinos
  • Reviews of a number of online casinos that have been approved for Internet gambling (a crucial read before depositing any money to an online casino)
  • And all the online casino news you could ever want to read!
Before you make the plunge and deposit at an online casino, make www.OnlineCasinosDir.com your first stop on the way to untold riches...or horrible losses. Either way, it's best to be prepared.

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