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I was coming out of the grocery store the other day and was suddenly assaulted by a couple raggedy looking kids. They were selling chocolates of questionable quality in the name of some random charity. I'm not sure which charity they were talking up nor do I know the exact contents of the boxes of chocolates they were holding. All I know is that they were holding out their hands and looking for my money.

Did you know that most Online Gambling Directory sites operate in much the same manner as those "chocolate bar" kids? They offer you a list of sites and services. They hope that you'll click on a link and sign-up with an online casino or poker room. And most of these Online Gambling Directory sites don't really care what happens to you after you've clicked away and joined up with their promoted casinos.

Thankfully there are sites like the Online Gambling Database around to make sure that you make sound online gaming choices. Unlike many other gambling directories, the Online Gambling Database has a strict approval process for any casinos or poker rooms looking to be listed in their directory. Editors reviews all sites prior to giving approval. And unlike other gambling directories, the Online Gambling Database actually turns down a number of applicants. In fact, for an online casino directory to get approved they must offer detailed gambling information such as betting news or casino game tutorials.

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