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Poker, Beer, and a Technical Question

I played a little poker on the weekend. It felt a little strange at first but I was back into the swing of it in no time. And I was actually up 20 BBs in a little less than 15 minutes. I'll admit that I was playing at the $10 NLHE tables but that's all PokerTime had available at the time given my paltry bankroll at that site. Still, it was fun being able to outplay my opponents on many of the hands that I played. I started to remember why I liked poker!

It's with that attitude that I'll be hitting the tables tonight. Cash games, a few sit-n-gos, and some Omaha will all be on the menu as I celebrate on the eve of Canada Day.

I also have a question for those of you into poker training videos (Stoxpoker, etc.). Do any of these sites allow videos to be downloaded and played on the Microsoft Zune? I only ask because the Zune has all that DRM crap that can help to protect the intellectual property of these poker training sites. If I could get to the point where I could watch a couple poker videos on the way to and from work, I might just be able to make another solid run at poker.

If I do happen to get back into poker in a serious way, I'll have just one goal in mind: make enough money to pay for repairs around the house. Why is it that everything always breaks at the same time? Currently, we need a new roof, a new garage door, a new garage door opener, and all of our windows need to be stripped and painted. I don't know how much all that will cost but I'm guessing it's a lot more than I'll make playing 15 minutes of $10 NLHE every week.

This post is a little disorganized but I was just stopping in to let everyone know that I've started to think about poker again. The bad beats have been forgotten. My horrible play is now a distant memory and will only serve to further improve my poker game. And the allure of easy money and fish at the tables has got me wondering if I've got what it takes to make a little extra coin again.

In other news, my current weight loss stands at 12 lbs. My BMI is still at a relatively unhealthy 31.4. I'll get there though...

Ok, that's it for now. I'm pretty excited about tonight. Poker and beer: it should be fun!

And if anyone out there does know anything about the training videos and a portable means of watching those videos (excluding using a laptop), please let me know via comment or e-mail. I'd really appreciate any techical advice on this matter.


Michael said...

I have had the same experience. Played a lot of 1-2 NL poker, but somehow lost interest until I found the article about Chris Fergusons $1 to $10.000 challenge. So started all over again by grinding the small tables with my $5 start bankroll.


Klopzi said...

Michael -

Hopefully I won't have to drop down quite that far before my interest in poker is sparked again. But you never know: poker is a tricky little game.

Michael said...

Sure is!I am not back into the game;)

Trying SNG this time.

I have by the way added your blog to my own blog roll, "Poker Bankroll Blog". Would be cool with a link back, but no problem if you choose not to.