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Pocket Eights at Party Poker

Friday night. 11:35 PM. I got the chance to play some poker. My goal? To do whatever I could before my $100 Party bonus expires at midnight.

I decided to sit at a $400 NLHE 6-max table.

Raised my AQ first hand from the BB when both the button and SB limped. I took it down.

Second hand, I raised my KQs from the SB when the button limped. I took it down.

My third hand, I made it 4BB to go on the button with my 88. SB insta-jammed on me for another $50. I called and lost to his 99.

I then lost the rest of my money in a three-way pot with my 98s all-in pre-flop. I only had $20 left at that point and had to make a move. I figured 98s would play well in a multi-way pot. I hit two-pair on the flop (yay!) but lost to a rivered straight from one of the other guys in the pot (yuck!).

Luckily the money I lost was never technically mine. It was fun to play for higher stakes again but not so much so that I'd do it with my actual bankroll.

I'm in poker-limbo right now. Not quite sure what I want to play or what I want to do. I've been here many times before. I get afraid to lose money. I get bored of poker. More specifically, I get bored of playing losing poker. It'll change though - it always does.

I'd opt to jump down in stakes and work on my game. But I'd get too bored and wouldn't have the motivation to really work on my game. I just don't have the time or desire to rework my game from scratch again. I've done it so many times that the thought of playing $25 NLHE makes me want to give up poker.

Before I go, a quick look at my ongoing weight loss/bankroll project:


I'm not sure how much poker I'll playing this week. It's stinkin' hot outside and I'm just too exhausted to contemplate gambling for sums of money large enough to hold my attention.

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