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After having read Dr. Pauly's PLO-related post, I'm starting to wonder if there's going to be a noticeable shift towards PLO and Omaha in general over the next little while.

I think there are a whole lot of poker players out there who've played as high as they're gonna play in Texas Hold'em and might be looking for a change of pace.

Just wondering if there might be a chance to make some money at PLO by getting in at the ground floor before a possible explosion in popularity à la Texas Hold'em.

I guess I'm just hoping for the prospect of easy money and tons of fish in the online poker world again.


Pud's Poker said...

I believe it was Durrrr who said that he feels he has his biggest edge when playing PLO as, unlike Hold'em,it's ultimately unsolved.

I've dabbled with it now and again and the bad players seem worse than their NLHE counterparts but the amount of variance involved in the game puts me off.

Klopzi said...

My biggest concern is always variance. I don't handle it well. I thought I did...but I really, really don't.

I haven't really played much poker at all recently. I may have a friend over next week and I'll have some drinks and play some PLO at the $25 or $50 tables.

We'll have to see how well I handle things over time. Given my average of 50 hands/week over the past couple months, I'm guessing variance will sting.

raymond said...

I checked FTP to see if any big games running when i woke up and Benyamine was sitting on 200-400 PLO game with 138k waiting for a player.Then durrr joined with only 10k.In 20 mins he took all Benyamine's money and left the table with 148k dollars.

From 10k to 148k in 20 mins.Not bad eh.

Klopzi said...

@Raymond -

Not a bad hourly rate. Man oh man...