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Omaha, Air Mail, and an Exercise Bike

So I gave PLO8 (pot-limit Omaha 8 or better) a try yesterday while sweating my ass off on my exercise bike. The verdict? I'm glad I was playing with bonus money.


When I got home from work yesterday, I checked the mail. I found a letter delivered via air mail and addressed to me. As I've mentioned before, online poker rooms seem to be one of the few companies that will send spam to its customers using air mail. When I opened the letter up at home, I was pleased to find that Mansion Poker had gone and given me a free $15 bonus with no strings attached.

Later that evening, I jumped on my exercise bike, started pedaling, and fired up Mansion Poker. I quickly found a seat at a full-ring $25 PLO8 game. Although I'd never played PL08, I was mercifully spared from doing too much due to the poor quality of my starting hands. Being an uber-fish, I was primarily looking for hands containing A-2 or a suited A-3 hand. Everything else got mucked.

Over the next 45 minutes, I managed to split three pots by taking the high in each case. I was playing out of the blinds in those three hands and managed to pick up some timely full houses. I was just a little pissed that I wasn't being dealt any hands with good low possibilities. I guess scooping a pot just wasn't in the cards for me.

In any case, just as I was getting ready to leave the table, I got stuck overplaying a hand. I raised a couple limpers with my Ad-4c-Qc-Ts (trash hand?) and saw the flop heads-up in position. The flop came down Ac-Tc-6d. I bet pot and got called. The turn came the Qs and I ended up getting all in with my top-two with redraws to the second-nut flush and a couple boats. The river was a blank and my opponent scooped with his broadway straight.

I'm sure I misplayed the hand. I'm not sure how but I'll figure it out after I've read more about O/8 strategy.

I think the most important things to keep in mind are:
  • I had fun.
  • Although I lost money, it was bonus money. Maybe I should feel bad but I don't.
  • I got some good exercise in and lost weight.
I should hit the exercise bike tonight...but I won't. I didn't sleep very much last night so I'm going to relax and play video games instead. I'm also well ahead of my weight loss goal for the week as well. I'm down 5 lbs. since my weigh-in on Sunday night and I'm only scheduled to lose 1.7 lbs/week.

Now - where did I put my copy of Winning Omaha/8 Poker?

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