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I'm Still Full...

I had a great Father's Day weekend. I got a lot of sleep, a lot of food, watched some TV and a movie, and even spent some time with my Xbox 360. Unfortunately, I didn't spend any time gambling or playing poker. It's not my fault though...

I was all set to gamble it up on InterCasino this weekend. But after installing the necessary software, I tried to login to my account. I was promptly told that my player account was locked. Crap! I immediately contacted support to see if anything could be done to get me on the tables and gambling ASAP. Alas, I have heard nothing yet.

I really wish there was a way that I could make money playing video games. I always feel that I'm wasting my time with games when I know that I could be making money with poker. That feeling of waste got me back on the tables in December of last year. And I'm sure that I'd still be playing poker now had I not hit a long stretch of bad play and bad luck. If I can manage to put together a decent win at InterCasino, I'm sure I could regain some of that fire in my belly that I had earlier this year.

Speaking of my belly, this weekend was not a good one for the old diet. It seems that stuffing myself full of snack mix, cheese, and bacon is not the key to weight-loss success. I'm not sure how accurate my scale was this morning but...


That's right: I somehow gained 8 pounds over the weekend. Pretty crazy, huh? Hopefully my weight will come down a little in the next few days...I hope. I was also forced to cancel out the $10 bonus from InterCasino until I've heard back from customer support.

Father's Day weekend was a ton of fun even though I clearly took two steps backwards in terms of weight loss and bankroll gain.

Have a good one! I'm off to drink some more water and down another handful of All-Bran (a.k.a. the colon-blow special).

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