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Games and Gambling: Father's Day Weekend

You undoubtedly noticed the three separate advertisement posts that I put up earlier today. It seems that all the talk of gambling has got me in the "mood", so to speak. I should also thank InterCasino for my current condition. Why? I received yet another piece of Air Mail in my mailbox last night.

I love air mail! I especially love it when any new air mail contains letters that tell me that I've been awarded a random cash bonus at some online poker room or online casino. This time around, InterCasino has given me $10 to blow on their newest "Street Fighter"-themed slot machine. I have no illusions about turning my $10 into untold riches. But if I can win enough to allow me play blackjack, I may be able to clear the bonus requirements and cash out enough money to buy myself more video games and beer. Actually, I guess I'd need to buy some sort of diet beer now that I'm trying to lose the beer gut.

I'll definitely spend a little time gambling this weekend. You know, I sometimes wish that there was another online game that was beatable and allowed me to win money besides poker (not that I'm "beating" the game now). I'd try backgammon except for the fact that:

  1. I don't know how to play backgammon.
  2. It's way too easy for a backgammon site to create unbeatable bots.
Anyone out there know of any other possibilities of profit for a down-on-his-luck poker enthusiast?

Ok, that's all for me today! It's getting pretty close to the time when I'll be able to kick back with a drink or two, hit the slots at InterCasino, and maybe get a little J-RPG action too! Just in case I happen to hit the booze and/or food a little too hard this weekend, let's post my current weight loss for posterity's sake:

Have a great weekend - especially all you fathers out there!

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