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Sugar Daddy

One thing I've found while playing around at PokerTime's micro-limit NLHE tables is that most of my opponents are liable to hold any two cards at any time. It's as if I'm playing every hand against someone seeing a free flop from the big blind.

Then end-result is that every flop if a minefield. Yet more often than not, TPTK is absolute gold in these games.

Take a look at this next hand. Unlike many of the hands I've played recently, it just so happens that I'm the one seeing a free flop from the big blind. I'm hoping to hit something good and stack some donkeys.

[NOTE: No converter found for this particular hand history - sorry!]

** PokerTime (0.10|0.20 NL - Cash Game) (6-max)

Villain (UTG) sitting in seat 6 with $16.62
UTG+1 sitting in seat 1 with $7.92
CO sitting in seat 2 with $18.71
BTN sitting in seat 3 with $6.08
SB sitting in seat 4 with $9.49
Hero (BB) sitting in seat 5 with $9.10

SB posted the small blind - $0.10
Hero posted the big blind - $0.20

** Dealing cards to Hero: 2c, Kc
Villain called - $0.20
UTG+1 called - $0.20
CO folded
BTN called - $0.20
SB folded
Hero checked

** Dealing the flop: Kd, Jc, 6h
Hero checked
Villain bet - $0.20
UTG+1 folded
BTN folded
Hero called - $0.20

(I decide to check-call. I've seen the Villain hang himself with third-pair or worse. Top pair is probably good but I'm not too keen on playing a big pot with no kicker, even at this table.)

** Dealing the turn: 2d
Hero checked
Villain bet - $0.80
Hero raised to $2.00
Villain called - $2.00

(My two-pair on the turn likely puts me ahead. I decide to go for the check-raise. Given my read on the Villain, I'm pretty sure he'll bet. I want him to feel committed to the pot so that he'll call or re-raise my check-raise. When Villain doesn't jam on the turn, my only hope is that I don't see a Jack, Six, Ace, Queen, or Ten on the river.)

** Dealing the river: Ks
Hero went all-in - $6.90
Villain called - $6.90

(Perfect! I shove hoping that the Villain calls with a pair of Jacks or trip Kings. There are only two hands that I'm afraid of here...)

Hero shows: 2c, Kc
Villain shows: Kh, Jd
Villain wins $18.15 from the main pot

(...and that was one of them! Damn it!)

Man - the Villain in the last hand must have been licking his chops when I ramped up the aggression on the turn and river. I don't mind my play in this hand since I knew what I was trying to accomplish at every step along the way. The 2 on the turn was a pretty bad card for me since it stripped any inhibitions I had about committing myself to the pot. I think this hand would have played much differently at the higher stakes tables. Most likely my K2s would have been mucked pre-flop to an UTG raise.

In the end, I'm still well ahead at the 6-max $20 NLHE tables at PokerTime. It's a little embarrassing to think that I was playing at 10x these stakes a couple short months ago. Mind you, I wasn't really playing $200 NLHE. I was simply taking up a seat at the table and donating to anyone looking for some free money. I guess it's better to be a small winner than big loser no matter how big a hit my ego takes in the process.

I'm going to try and put in a bit of time at the tables this weekend. I wouldn't mind giving Omaha/8 a try. It might be nice to have some drinks and play a full-ring game where folding anything less than the nuts is usually the correct move.

I'll also be putting in some time playing Overlord for my Xbox 360. I may not make very much money playing poker compared to some. Luckily, I do make more than enough to pay for any video game that I could possibly want over the next 10-15 years. I guess poker's my sugar daddy: our time spent together may be awkward but the presents make up for it!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Pud's Poker said...

Which network is PokerTime on Klopzi?

Also, I like the idea of poker being a sugar daddy! LOL! I've all but given up on the idea of making hundreds of thousands at poker and started to enjoy the game again and earning enough to treat me ant the Mrs fromtime to time.

Klopzi said...

PokerTime is on the Microgaming Network (aka Prima Network).

The players seem pretty shoddy. However, the traffic at the site is terrible. And if you plan on playing stakes higher than $50 NLHE, you're looking at a real ghost town.