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Party Time!

What's the best way to increase your bankroll? Hard work? Study? Perseverance? While those tried and tested methods can work wonders, nothing beats the wonder of free money! Don't you love it when Party Poker feels the need to share their wealth with their players?

Anytime I receive a letter sent by airmail, I know it's poker-related. So I was a little excited when I found just such a letter sitting in my mailbox after work last night. After getting home and kissing the family hello, I opened the mysterious envelope. Inside was a letter from Party Poker. They wanted to remind me that Party Poker has big guaranteed tournaments running every weekend. And then they confessed that they missed me!

Figuring that money is the best way to right all wrongs, Party offered me a $100 cash bonus. I just needed to log into my account and enter a bonus code. After the kids went to bed, I quickly logged in, clicked a button (I didn't even need to enter the bonus code), and voilà - $100 in my account! So it looks like I'll be playing at Party for a little while! They bought my loyalty and they shall have it in full until I feel the need to cash out or until I go broke.

I think I'll continue to focus on the $11 SNGs until I've managed to earn the elusive three wins that I so desperately seek. However, I may give PLO or PLO/8 a try as well. The best way to learn a game is on someone else's dime against terrible players. Both of these conditions exist at Party Poker.

So thanks again Party! I'll be seeing you soon.

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