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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to all my U.S. readers. I'll keep this post short since I doubt that I'll get many readers today.

Did I play any poker this weekend? No I did not. I spent the weekend not sleeping, changing poopie diapers, watching TV with my wife, and playing some great games on my Xbox 360.

I did start skimming through Super System 2's Omaha sections to see if I could pick up any tips. There's quite a bit of information in there and I'll have to give it a closer look this week. I'll see if I can slip in some hands at the $25 or $50 PLO/PLO8 tables this week. No promises though...

In an honesty, I'm pretty hooked on the game Bully: Scholarship Edition. I'm a big fan of sandbox games (GTA, Crackdown, etc.) and Bully fills that niche quite nicely.

So that's all for today. On my way out the door, let me just remind everyone to sign-up for rakeback at RakeTheRake.com. And if you're looking for some help with your game, why not give old Doyle's wisdom a try? It's worked for me in the past and it may just help me turn things around again.

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