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I cursed myself when I mentioned that my youngest was sleeping through the night. He now does the exact opposite. If you'd like to know how well I'm sleeping right now, divide the hours from midnight until 7 AM into manageable 10 minutes chunks. I don't think that sleep gets any more broken than that...

I haven't played any poker. I don't think that comes as a shock to most of you. It's hard to play poker when you're tired or just not feeling up to it. Variance and poor play have ways of making mice out of men. I really feel bad for my poor blog. Poker bloggers who don't play poker are worse than useless. But what can I do?

I've considered the possibility of hitting up some sit-n-gos. The only thing holding me back is memories of a nasty cold streak last Fall. Well, cold streaks and video games. My video game blog (The Greedy Gamer) is doing alright, thanks to the amount of video gaming that I've been doing over the past couple months.

In any case, good luck at the tables for those playing. I'll be back soon, hopefully with a poker story or two.


Nana said...

you have a nice blog, good luck and stay cool

smashill said...

Hej Klopzi, nice to hear you are having some much fun with your little ones ^^, make the best out of it, they will be gone sooner than you want... by then you will be a poker millionair though I guess ;)
Anyways enjoy your sparetime, I am looking forwards for a new story, or maybe even 4 or 5 once in a while.
take care,

Klopzi said...

Smashill -

I'll be back with more poker and more stories in the near future. I may never be a poker millionaire but my kids and wife more than make up for that fact.