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A Complicated Plan

I played a couple sit-n-gos last night, busting out in 4th and 6th. Not too bad for my first go. I'll have to run my bust-out hands through an ICM calculator before determining whether or not I played properly.

In the meantime, I've come up with a plan of attack for tackling sit-n-gos in a profitable and, more importantly, fun manner.

I've decided to set my default SNG buy-in at 1.25% of my bankroll. Although I could go a little higher (1.8% is reasonable), I'll be playing two or three tables at a time. I don't have my exact bankroll numbers at hand; however, I believe 1.25% puts me at the $20 buy-in range.

Before jumping right in at the $20s, I'm going to force myself to play the $10-$16 SNGs until I've managed to accumulate a few wins. I'm currently on a rather long winless streak extending back to early Fall of last year. I need to prove to myself that I can win again before I start really slinging my money around. Things look a little bleak right now but I see myself playing the $20s in a couple weeks, perhaps sooner if I can get my act together.

Once I've started grinding away at the $20s, I'll still be looking to jazz things up. I like taking shots at higher buy-in sit-n-gos whenever I get the chance. At the same time, I'm not too keen on decimating my bankroll just for some thrills. So here's what I'll do:

  • After every fifth win, I'll play one sit-n-go at the next buy-in level as part of my next set.
  • If I manage to win the bigger SNG, I'll continue to climb the buy-in ladder.
  • If I manage to place in the money in the bigger game, I'll play the same set of SNGs again.
  • If I fail to place in the higher buy-in SNG, I'll start again at my default (1.25% of my bankroll) buy-in for all SNGs in my next set.
  • Finally, any wins earned at the higher buy-ins count towards fulfilling my "five wins" requirement.
I'm not sure why I like making such complicated goals and plans for myself. It's in my nature, I guess.

I have three goals over that I'd like to reach before Christmas 2008:
  1. Continue playing poker and actually stick with my plan.
  2. Avoid (or handle) super monkey tilt better than I have in the past.
  3. Play a $100 buy-in sit-n-go.
I've asked Littleacornman for some advice to help me get started...again. If you're not aware, he happens to be one of the top SNG players at the $20 buy-in level (according to SharkScope, I believe). With a little good advice and a little luck, 2008 could be a good year for me and my bankroll.


Lucypher said...

Good luck. Although, I think your variance will end up being greater with SNGs than cash games.

Klopzi said...

I think my short-term variance will be larger. But I'm told that long-term variance for SNGs is unexpectedly low.

I guess we'll find out. If anything, I hope variance pushes my bankroll up to where it was before I crashed at the $200 NL tables.