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Big Fish

I had a great weekend even though I was a busy bastard all weekend long. Despite all the craziness, I still managed to play some poker. That's right: honest-to-goodness poker! The good news is that I have a whole slew of hands that I can post and discuss. The bad news is that I still suck at SNGs.

Friday night started off a little hectic. I watched the kids while my wife cleaned the house. M.J. was due to arrive at 8:30 PM and my wife didn't want anyone to see the house in its current state. Mind you, our "messy" house is cleaner than most people's "clean" houses.

My wife and I put our kids to bed once both the cleaning and the latest episode of The Wiggles' Wiggle and Learn were finished. I took care of our youngest son and my wife took care of our oldest. Surprisingly, both kids were exhausted enough that they both went to sleep...sorta. They made a little bit of noise over the next hour or so, but that's pretty standard.

With the kids in bed, I grabbed a drink and set-up my laptop in the basement. I spent the next hour cleaning up my hard drive, running spyware removal software, installing all Dell approved driver and firmware updates, and finally figured out the cause behind the mysterious disappearance of my on-screen volume display. I also changed my desktop picture.

My poker machine was in tip-top shape when I finished with it. M.J. still hadn't arrived so I checked my e-mail. There were only two items of interest. First, I'd won myself a dirt-cheap copy of The Club off of eBay. Imagine a racing game where you're rewarded for style. Now remove the cars and add guns. The Club is a third-person shooter where speed and style are more important personal safety. I'm looking forward to playing this game when it arrives in the next couple weeks.

The second e-mail that caught my eye was from PokerTime. They wanted to see me at their tables and gave me a free $10. Given my poor poker performance in recent months, I welcomed the $10 with the giddiness of a young boy being given a whole bag of cookies while trick-or-treating (a house down the street from my childhood home did this every Hallowe'en).

When M.J. finally arrived, I fired up some sit-n-gos at Full Tilt. I played a total of ten SNGs over the course of the next three hours. Unfortunately, I failed to win a single SNG and had to settle for picking up three consecutive 2nd place finishes. My heads-up game was a little off. And when it came time to apply SAGE, I was unable to win a single all-in confrontation. Oh well, that's sit-n-gos for you!

With a losing session on my hands, I decided to fire up PokerTime and play around with my free $10. I decided to sit at the only available $20 NLHE 6-max table. Forty-five minutes later, I'd worked my $10 up to $40. I couldn't believe how poorly my opponents played. It was awesome! I'll have to post some of the hands later this week since words can't begin to describe the donkery going on at that table.

The very next afternoon, I fired up PokerTime's $20 NLHE again. I only had fifteen minutes of time before we were due to go shopping. After a mere ten minutes at a table, I pulled in another $20 due to the questionable play of my opponents.

This week, I'll probably play a few more SNGs. I'd also like to spend a little more time at PokerTime. I'm sure I'll bust out with some donkey plays of my own. But I'm freerolling right now so what do I care? And I may give some Omaha Hi-Lo a try as well. I watched M.J. crush a full-ring game at Hollywood Poker. What makes that even more impressive is that M.J. had only played O/8 once or twice before. The players were absolutely terrible!

I had a lot of fun with poker again. I approached it as a game and I actually enjoyed myself. Financially, my results were negligible. However, I appreciated the ego-boost that came with crushing the lower-limit cash games. Maybe this is a turning point for me and my game. Maybe I should just settle for being a big fish in a small pond and let the chips fall where they may.

Have a good one!

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