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And the cold-streak continues...

I remember a time when I used to feel confident playing poker. It didn't matter if I was playing cash games, tournaments, or sit-n-gos. I just felt that I'd end up ahead in the end. Well, those days have long passed. A bad month at the tables in March got the ball of self-doubt rolling. And it doesn't look like it'll stop any time soon.

I was hoping that a new focus on sit-n-gos might help me refocus and enjoy poker again. Unfortunately, my current winless streak of 41 straight sit-n-gos is leaving me feeling a little helpless.

Take a look at the hand below. I don't think I'd really chalk this up as a bad beat. However, it shows just how poorly I've been running lately. Luckily, I've got the bankroll to handle situations such as these a hundred times over. It still stings though.

Full Tilt Poker, $11 + $1 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 40/80 Blinds, 7 Players
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BTN: 1,770
SB: 1,380
Hero (BB): 1,755
UTG: 2,555
UTG+1: 3,265
MP: 1,350
CO: 1,425

Pre-Flop: (120) 3 2 dealt to Hero (BB)

2 folds, MP calls 80, CO folds, BTN calls 80, SB calls 40, Hero checks

(MP seems to be playing pretty tight game. BTN and SB are pretty non-descript as well, though a little looser than MP. I've been playing my usual fold-everthing game up to this point in the SNG.)

Flop: (320) J T K (4 Players)

SB checks, Hero bets 320, MP calls 320, BTN calls 320, SB folds

(Yay! Flopped the flush in a multi-way pot! Maybe my luck's turned around? Well, no point inviting trouble. My hand's pretty vulnerable here. Even if no one else has a spade in their hand, a fourth spade on 4th or 5th street will kill all the action. I'll bet pot and hope to take it down right away.

Ok - that didn't work. I'm pretty sure MP has either a set or a monster draw. I'm not too concerned about the BTN.)

Turn: (1,280) A (3 Players)
Hero bets 1,355 and is All-In, MP calls 950 and is All-In, BTN calls 1,355

(The turn's a non-spade so I push. No point pissing about here. The pot's big and I'm pretty sure I've got the best hand. I don't like MP's call nor am I a fan of BTN's overcall. More money for me, I guess!)

River: (4,940) 3 (3 Players - 1 is All-In)

(Phew! Dodged another spade!)

Results: 4,940 Pot
BTN showed Q K (a straight, Ace high) and LOST (-1,755 NET)
Hero showed 3 2 (a flush, King high) and WON 810 (-945 NET)
MP showed Q A (a Royal Flush) and WON 4,130 (+2,780 NET)

(Sick! At least I won the sidepot.)

For what it's worth, I went on to bubble out of this sit-n-go in fourth place.

Since no-limit hold'em, cash game or otherwise, has been treating me poorly, I may just give PLO a try. I'll probably play the 8 or better variant since the players seem much worse at the lower limits.

Of course, I'll also continue donating to the low-limit SNG sharks at Full Tilt. Is it really too much to ask for a single win? A 41 game losing streak is pretty long for someone like me. I believe the last sit-n-go that I won was at Absolute Poker last September.

Ok, I'm done for today...


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WillWonka said...

For whatever it is worth, I would have played it the same way.

joxum (Denmark) said...

How the heck can you protect yourself against a royal flush? That hand was a bad beat, so don't worry about that.

Anyway, what I wanted to do was to make you an offer:

Send me a bunch of hand histories and I'll run them over. Maybe a fresh pair of eyeballs will spot something.

In any case it might improve your game as much as it might improve my own. My email is joxumpoker at gmail.com


Klopzi said...

Thanks guys.

Joxum - I may take you up on that.

sven said...

sit and go's are not the best way to start when you feel that you play sub opt. It's those little edges that give you an advantage that you might not see when you are on a losing streak. Just feel like the luckiest dude on earth and noone can harm you even when you get beats, it does not matter.

Klopzi said...

sven -

It's true that confidence plays a big role in doing well at poker. Especially true at SNGs where you need to feel confident in pushing with ATC given certain situations.

But on the other hand, a bad play in a SNG costs me very little whereas a bad play at a cash table can be disastrous.

Not sure where I was going with this...much like my poker career...

Thanks for stopping by!