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The Games Have Got Me

I've got money sitting online waiting to be increased through careful application at various virtual poker tables and/or blackjack tables.

Party Poker gave me some free money that I can spend as I see fit...as long as I don't try to withdraw it, of course.

I've got a 41 sit-n-go winless streak to defend or break (I haven't decided which option I'll stick with).

I've been reading a lot of stuff about Omaha and Omaha/8.

I like money and there are a lot of things I could do with some money. The most pressing items to address would be: fixing the roof, having the backyard landscaped, having all of our house's window frames sanded and repainted, and replacing our crappy garage door and our much-crappier garage door opener.

Instead, I've chosen to spend my free time playing Bully: Scholarship Edition on my Xbox 360.

I guess poker and the house will have to wait...

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Party Time!

What's the best way to increase your bankroll? Hard work? Study? Perseverance? While those tried and tested methods can work wonders, nothing beats the wonder of free money! Don't you love it when Party Poker feels the need to share their wealth with their players?

Anytime I receive a letter sent by airmail, I know it's poker-related. So I was a little excited when I found just such a letter sitting in my mailbox after work last night. After getting home and kissing the family hello, I opened the mysterious envelope. Inside was a letter from Party Poker. They wanted to remind me that Party Poker has big guaranteed tournaments running every weekend. And then they confessed that they missed me!

Figuring that money is the best way to right all wrongs, Party offered me a $100 cash bonus. I just needed to log into my account and enter a bonus code. After the kids went to bed, I quickly logged in, clicked a button (I didn't even need to enter the bonus code), and voilà - $100 in my account! So it looks like I'll be playing at Party for a little while! They bought my loyalty and they shall have it in full until I feel the need to cash out or until I go broke.

I think I'll continue to focus on the $11 SNGs until I've managed to earn the elusive three wins that I so desperately seek. However, I may give PLO or PLO/8 a try as well. The best way to learn a game is on someone else's dime against terrible players. Both of these conditions exist at Party Poker.

So thanks again Party! I'll be seeing you soon.

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Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day to all my U.S. readers. I'll keep this post short since I doubt that I'll get many readers today.

Did I play any poker this weekend? No I did not. I spent the weekend not sleeping, changing poopie diapers, watching TV with my wife, and playing some great games on my Xbox 360.

I did start skimming through Super System 2's Omaha sections to see if I could pick up any tips. There's quite a bit of information in there and I'll have to give it a closer look this week. I'll see if I can slip in some hands at the $25 or $50 PLO/PLO8 tables this week. No promises though...

In an honesty, I'm pretty hooked on the game Bully: Scholarship Edition. I'm a big fan of sandbox games (GTA, Crackdown, etc.) and Bully fills that niche quite nicely.

So that's all for today. On my way out the door, let me just remind everyone to sign-up for rakeback at RakeTheRake.com. And if you're looking for some help with your game, why not give old Doyle's wisdom a try? It's worked for me in the past and it may just help me turn things around again.

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Sugar Daddy

One thing I've found while playing around at PokerTime's micro-limit NLHE tables is that most of my opponents are liable to hold any two cards at any time. It's as if I'm playing every hand against someone seeing a free flop from the big blind.

Then end-result is that every flop if a minefield. Yet more often than not, TPTK is absolute gold in these games.

Take a look at this next hand. Unlike many of the hands I've played recently, it just so happens that I'm the one seeing a free flop from the big blind. I'm hoping to hit something good and stack some donkeys.

[NOTE: No converter found for this particular hand history - sorry!]

** PokerTime (0.10|0.20 NL - Cash Game) (6-max)

Villain (UTG) sitting in seat 6 with $16.62
UTG+1 sitting in seat 1 with $7.92
CO sitting in seat 2 with $18.71
BTN sitting in seat 3 with $6.08
SB sitting in seat 4 with $9.49
Hero (BB) sitting in seat 5 with $9.10

SB posted the small blind - $0.10
Hero posted the big blind - $0.20

** Dealing cards to Hero: 2c, Kc
Villain called - $0.20
UTG+1 called - $0.20
CO folded
BTN called - $0.20
SB folded
Hero checked

** Dealing the flop: Kd, Jc, 6h
Hero checked
Villain bet - $0.20
UTG+1 folded
BTN folded
Hero called - $0.20

(I decide to check-call. I've seen the Villain hang himself with third-pair or worse. Top pair is probably good but I'm not too keen on playing a big pot with no kicker, even at this table.)

** Dealing the turn: 2d
Hero checked
Villain bet - $0.80
Hero raised to $2.00
Villain called - $2.00

(My two-pair on the turn likely puts me ahead. I decide to go for the check-raise. Given my read on the Villain, I'm pretty sure he'll bet. I want him to feel committed to the pot so that he'll call or re-raise my check-raise. When Villain doesn't jam on the turn, my only hope is that I don't see a Jack, Six, Ace, Queen, or Ten on the river.)

** Dealing the river: Ks
Hero went all-in - $6.90
Villain called - $6.90

(Perfect! I shove hoping that the Villain calls with a pair of Jacks or trip Kings. There are only two hands that I'm afraid of here...)

Hero shows: 2c, Kc
Villain shows: Kh, Jd
Villain wins $18.15 from the main pot

(...and that was one of them! Damn it!)

Man - the Villain in the last hand must have been licking his chops when I ramped up the aggression on the turn and river. I don't mind my play in this hand since I knew what I was trying to accomplish at every step along the way. The 2 on the turn was a pretty bad card for me since it stripped any inhibitions I had about committing myself to the pot. I think this hand would have played much differently at the higher stakes tables. Most likely my K2s would have been mucked pre-flop to an UTG raise.

In the end, I'm still well ahead at the 6-max $20 NLHE tables at PokerTime. It's a little embarrassing to think that I was playing at 10x these stakes a couple short months ago. Mind you, I wasn't really playing $200 NLHE. I was simply taking up a seat at the table and donating to anyone looking for some free money. I guess it's better to be a small winner than big loser no matter how big a hit my ego takes in the process.

I'm going to try and put in a bit of time at the tables this weekend. I wouldn't mind giving Omaha/8 a try. It might be nice to have some drinks and play a full-ring game where folding anything less than the nuts is usually the correct move.

I'll also be putting in some time playing Overlord for my Xbox 360. I may not make very much money playing poker compared to some. Luckily, I do make more than enough to pay for any video game that I could possibly want over the next 10-15 years. I guess poker's my sugar daddy: our time spent together may be awkward but the presents make up for it!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Horrors Abound

I traded in the horrors of online poker for the horrors of Condemned 2: Bloodshot (Xbox 360) last night. If you're interested in subjecting yourself to one of the more terrifying video game experiences ever, you can buy yourself a copy of right here.

If you'd like to know more, check out these posts from The Greedy Gamer:

And if you're looking to combat the horrors of the inevitable rake on each and every hand of poker you play, check out RakeTheRake. Money is good and they want you to keep as much of it as possible!

Poker-wise, I'm probably not playing tonight. But I'll have some poker content for you tomorrow. Another good hand came up at the micro-limit NLH tables the other day that I'd like to share.

Have a good one!

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And the cold-streak continues...

I remember a time when I used to feel confident playing poker. It didn't matter if I was playing cash games, tournaments, or sit-n-gos. I just felt that I'd end up ahead in the end. Well, those days have long passed. A bad month at the tables in March got the ball of self-doubt rolling. And it doesn't look like it'll stop any time soon.

I was hoping that a new focus on sit-n-gos might help me refocus and enjoy poker again. Unfortunately, my current winless streak of 41 straight sit-n-gos is leaving me feeling a little helpless.

Take a look at the hand below. I don't think I'd really chalk this up as a bad beat. However, it shows just how poorly I've been running lately. Luckily, I've got the bankroll to handle situations such as these a hundred times over. It still stings though.

Full Tilt Poker, $11 + $1 NL Hold'em Sit n' Go, 40/80 Blinds, 7 Players
LeggoPoker.com - Hand History Converter

BTN: 1,770
SB: 1,380
Hero (BB): 1,755
UTG: 2,555
UTG+1: 3,265
MP: 1,350
CO: 1,425

Pre-Flop: (120) 3 2 dealt to Hero (BB)

2 folds, MP calls 80, CO folds, BTN calls 80, SB calls 40, Hero checks

(MP seems to be playing pretty tight game. BTN and SB are pretty non-descript as well, though a little looser than MP. I've been playing my usual fold-everthing game up to this point in the SNG.)

Flop: (320) J T K (4 Players)

SB checks, Hero bets 320, MP calls 320, BTN calls 320, SB folds

(Yay! Flopped the flush in a multi-way pot! Maybe my luck's turned around? Well, no point inviting trouble. My hand's pretty vulnerable here. Even if no one else has a spade in their hand, a fourth spade on 4th or 5th street will kill all the action. I'll bet pot and hope to take it down right away.

Ok - that didn't work. I'm pretty sure MP has either a set or a monster draw. I'm not too concerned about the BTN.)

Turn: (1,280) A (3 Players)
Hero bets 1,355 and is All-In, MP calls 950 and is All-In, BTN calls 1,355

(The turn's a non-spade so I push. No point pissing about here. The pot's big and I'm pretty sure I've got the best hand. I don't like MP's call nor am I a fan of BTN's overcall. More money for me, I guess!)

River: (4,940) 3 (3 Players - 1 is All-In)

(Phew! Dodged another spade!)

Results: 4,940 Pot
BTN showed Q K (a straight, Ace high) and LOST (-1,755 NET)
Hero showed 3 2 (a flush, King high) and WON 810 (-945 NET)
MP showed Q A (a Royal Flush) and WON 4,130 (+2,780 NET)

(Sick! At least I won the sidepot.)

For what it's worth, I went on to bubble out of this sit-n-go in fourth place.

Since no-limit hold'em, cash game or otherwise, has been treating me poorly, I may just give PLO a try. I'll probably play the 8 or better variant since the players seem much worse at the lower limits.

Of course, I'll also continue donating to the low-limit SNG sharks at Full Tilt. Is it really too much to ask for a single win? A 41 game losing streak is pretty long for someone like me. I believe the last sit-n-go that I won was at Absolute Poker last September.

Ok, I'm done for today...


By the way, if you're looking to get rakeback at Full Tilt Poker (or many other poker rooms), why not sign up with RakeTheRake.com? I've been a member for the past few years. I think that signing up with RakeTheRake is the best poker-decision I ever made.

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Big Fish

I had a great weekend even though I was a busy bastard all weekend long. Despite all the craziness, I still managed to play some poker. That's right: honest-to-goodness poker! The good news is that I have a whole slew of hands that I can post and discuss. The bad news is that I still suck at SNGs.

Friday night started off a little hectic. I watched the kids while my wife cleaned the house. M.J. was due to arrive at 8:30 PM and my wife didn't want anyone to see the house in its current state. Mind you, our "messy" house is cleaner than most people's "clean" houses.

My wife and I put our kids to bed once both the cleaning and the latest episode of The Wiggles' Wiggle and Learn were finished. I took care of our youngest son and my wife took care of our oldest. Surprisingly, both kids were exhausted enough that they both went to sleep...sorta. They made a little bit of noise over the next hour or so, but that's pretty standard.

With the kids in bed, I grabbed a drink and set-up my laptop in the basement. I spent the next hour cleaning up my hard drive, running spyware removal software, installing all Dell approved driver and firmware updates, and finally figured out the cause behind the mysterious disappearance of my on-screen volume display. I also changed my desktop picture.

My poker machine was in tip-top shape when I finished with it. M.J. still hadn't arrived so I checked my e-mail. There were only two items of interest. First, I'd won myself a dirt-cheap copy of The Club off of eBay. Imagine a racing game where you're rewarded for style. Now remove the cars and add guns. The Club is a third-person shooter where speed and style are more important personal safety. I'm looking forward to playing this game when it arrives in the next couple weeks.

The second e-mail that caught my eye was from PokerTime. They wanted to see me at their tables and gave me a free $10. Given my poor poker performance in recent months, I welcomed the $10 with the giddiness of a young boy being given a whole bag of cookies while trick-or-treating (a house down the street from my childhood home did this every Hallowe'en).

When M.J. finally arrived, I fired up some sit-n-gos at Full Tilt. I played a total of ten SNGs over the course of the next three hours. Unfortunately, I failed to win a single SNG and had to settle for picking up three consecutive 2nd place finishes. My heads-up game was a little off. And when it came time to apply SAGE, I was unable to win a single all-in confrontation. Oh well, that's sit-n-gos for you!

With a losing session on my hands, I decided to fire up PokerTime and play around with my free $10. I decided to sit at the only available $20 NLHE 6-max table. Forty-five minutes later, I'd worked my $10 up to $40. I couldn't believe how poorly my opponents played. It was awesome! I'll have to post some of the hands later this week since words can't begin to describe the donkery going on at that table.

The very next afternoon, I fired up PokerTime's $20 NLHE again. I only had fifteen minutes of time before we were due to go shopping. After a mere ten minutes at a table, I pulled in another $20 due to the questionable play of my opponents.

This week, I'll probably play a few more SNGs. I'd also like to spend a little more time at PokerTime. I'm sure I'll bust out with some donkey plays of my own. But I'm freerolling right now so what do I care? And I may give some Omaha Hi-Lo a try as well. I watched M.J. crush a full-ring game at Hollywood Poker. What makes that even more impressive is that M.J. had only played O/8 once or twice before. The players were absolutely terrible!

I had a lot of fun with poker again. I approached it as a game and I actually enjoyed myself. Financially, my results were negligible. However, I appreciated the ego-boost that came with crushing the lower-limit cash games. Maybe this is a turning point for me and my game. Maybe I should just settle for being a big fish in a small pond and let the chips fall where they may.

Have a good one!

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Family, Long Weekends, and Luck

The long weekend is almost here. Three days of poker, video games, BBQ, and a little BYOB. Happy days are here again!

As promised, I'm going to be hitting the SNG circuit pretty hard tonight. I think I'll give PokerStars a shot and maybe Titan Poker too if their traffic is reasonably good. I'm also going to have a few drinks - maybe more if I'm "feeling" it. I know that drinks won't make me play any better but they'll definitely help with my ability to handle variance. The last time I had drinks while playing sit 'n gos, I lost eight in a row and couldn't have cared less.

In all seriousness, I'm going to do my best to bring my "B" game to the table. My "A" game is in the shop and I'm sending my "C" game out to pick up donuts. But my "B" game should be good enough to crush the donkeys playing the $16s at Stars and the $11s at Titan. If not, there's always the $12s and rakeback at Full Tilt.

I'll be back on Tuesday with tales of victory...or woe. Worst-case scenario? My bankroll's down a few bucks and I spend a great weekend with my wife and kids. Best-case scenario? I pwn everyone and go on a poker rampage much like the one I pulled off a few months ago and I spend a great weekend with my wife and kids.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call a freeroll!

Have a great weekend!


PS: The answer to yesterday's quiz (which was probably useless and obvious since no one bothered to answer) was "CALL". The chip leader in the SB is right to push with any two cards in his spot. As for me in the BB, I should feel good about calling all-in with the following range of hands: {44+ A2s+ A3o+ K5s+ K8o+ Q8s+ QTo+ J9s+}.

If you're interested, you can see the ICM results here.

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Join Team Bodog for the WSOP 2008

With all the talk of blogger tournaments and the World Series of Poker going on, I'm thinking about trying my hand at some MTTs at some point in the near future. I actually have a pretty good record in the twenty or so tournaments that I've played in over the past few years.

Speaking of tournaments, I thought I'd also mention that Bodog is currently running a series of blogger tournaments. I can't play in these tournaments because Canadians can't sign up at Bodog. But there's nothing stopping me from telling you about Bodog's current promotion. More details after the jump.

I always thought that winning an online poker tournament against my fellow bloggers would be difficult. And despite what some bloggers might say, I've seen nothing that changes my mind on the subject. Sure, some bloggers play a little crazy when it comes to blogger tourneys. Yet there are quite a few quality players who happen to maintain a blog on the side.

If you're a blogger and you think you've got what it takes to take down a blogger tournament, then you should check out Bodog's tournament series:

Join Bodog and challenge other poker bloggers each week in the Bodog poker room. Play your way up the tournament leader board and earn a spot in the final tournament for your chance to win a $12,000 World Series prize package and be a part of Team Bodog 2008.

So why would you want to go to Vegas under the Team Bodog banner? Here's what's included in your World Series of Poker package should you happen to luckbox you're way to the winner's circle:
  • A personal handler to ensure you play your best.
  • VIP Players lounge: hang out with the pros, meet the Bodog girls, get a massage, enjoy a little TV celebrity.
  • Cool swag: Bodog clothes, bags, gadgets.
  • Player’s club evenings: party hard.
This blogger tournament series is open to poker bloggers world wide. So if you're a blogger who has what it takes to beat a poker pro, wait no longer. Open your free Bodog account and download Bodog poker today!

As for me, I guess I'll have to watch the WSOP on television while I suck back a Molson Canadian and stuff myself full of poutine.

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Poker, Games, and More Games

I've spent the past few days playing a whole lot of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare for my Xbox 360. At the same time, I'm continuing to read Sit 'n Go Strategy in the hopes of finding something that I missed on my previous readings of the book. I guess we'll see how well I've prepared myself when I hit the tables hard tomorrow night.

That's right - it's time for a little Friday night poker again. Some drinks, some poker, and hopefully some good luck will see me hit my 3 win requirement before moving up the $20s again. And if I happen to have a losing night, so be it. It's poker and I'm just playing for fun right now. It'd be nice to win a couple hundred dollars. But I'm not going to expect that sort of night though. Most likely, I'm guessing I'll have a couple good sit-n-gos and twice as many disastrous ones.

As for tonight, I'm hoping to find a copy of Condemned 2: Bloodshot in the mail. I've been buying a lot of video games lately. I couldn't tell you why I'm so into video games as opposed to poker right now. I guess my interests in my various hobbies wax and wane like most things in life. Anyway, Condemned 2 is supposed to be violent and scary as Hell. Thankfully I no longer keep my Xbox 360 in the basement. I'm not sure how keen I'd be on playing Condemned 2 alone in a cold, dark cellar.

Before I go, I have a "what would you do" type question. Here's the scenario:

You're currently sitting in last place (by a slim t200 margin) in a $12 SNG with t2800 in chips. Blinds are at t300/t600. Four players left, top three pay. Two folds to the TAG chip leader (t5400) in the small blind. Chip leader pushes all-in. You look down and see A4s. Call or fold? Would you change your decision if I told you that the same TAG had open-pushed against your big blind since the blinds hit t100/t200?

I know what I did. But I'm always interested in how others would handle this situation.

Have a good one!

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A Complicated Plan

I played a couple sit-n-gos last night, busting out in 4th and 6th. Not too bad for my first go. I'll have to run my bust-out hands through an ICM calculator before determining whether or not I played properly.

In the meantime, I've come up with a plan of attack for tackling sit-n-gos in a profitable and, more importantly, fun manner.

I've decided to set my default SNG buy-in at 1.25% of my bankroll. Although I could go a little higher (1.8% is reasonable), I'll be playing two or three tables at a time. I don't have my exact bankroll numbers at hand; however, I believe 1.25% puts me at the $20 buy-in range.

Before jumping right in at the $20s, I'm going to force myself to play the $10-$16 SNGs until I've managed to accumulate a few wins. I'm currently on a rather long winless streak extending back to early Fall of last year. I need to prove to myself that I can win again before I start really slinging my money around. Things look a little bleak right now but I see myself playing the $20s in a couple weeks, perhaps sooner if I can get my act together.

Once I've started grinding away at the $20s, I'll still be looking to jazz things up. I like taking shots at higher buy-in sit-n-gos whenever I get the chance. At the same time, I'm not too keen on decimating my bankroll just for some thrills. So here's what I'll do:

  • After every fifth win, I'll play one sit-n-go at the next buy-in level as part of my next set.
  • If I manage to win the bigger SNG, I'll continue to climb the buy-in ladder.
  • If I manage to place in the money in the bigger game, I'll play the same set of SNGs again.
  • If I fail to place in the higher buy-in SNG, I'll start again at my default (1.25% of my bankroll) buy-in for all SNGs in my next set.
  • Finally, any wins earned at the higher buy-ins count towards fulfilling my "five wins" requirement.
I'm not sure why I like making such complicated goals and plans for myself. It's in my nature, I guess.

I have three goals over that I'd like to reach before Christmas 2008:
  1. Continue playing poker and actually stick with my plan.
  2. Avoid (or handle) super monkey tilt better than I have in the past.
  3. Play a $100 buy-in sit-n-go.
I've asked Littleacornman for some advice to help me get started...again. If you're not aware, he happens to be one of the top SNG players at the $20 buy-in level (according to SharkScope, I believe). With a little good advice and a little luck, 2008 could be a good year for me and my bankroll.

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A New Plan

After a couple months away from the tables, I'm more or less ready to return. However, I still feel that I'm on tilt given my awful month of March at the tables. I guess it's been a little hard dealing with the fact that I'm not quite as good a poker player as I'd hoped after getting so lucky in February. It's hard to settle for mediocre when you've seen how good it can be.

In any case, I'm changing up my game plan yet again. Why? Because I can. Nothing I write for this site is set in stone. Poker and life are both fluid and dynamic; so too are the goals I set for myself. Get while the getting's good and don't be afraid of change when things don't go well.

With that in mind, I'm going to start focusing on a low variance form of poker that requires less study and concentration on my part: the almighty SNG!

I've always had a love/hate relationship with sit-n-gos and multi-table tournaments. When things go well, I win a lot of money. But the amount of time that can pass between wins is maddening. While deciding whether I really wanted to follow the SNG path to semi-victory again, I came up with a list of the pros and cons of sit-n-gos.


  • Mindless and grind-tastic
  • SAGE is fun to use
  • I feel like I've accomplished something when I win a sit-n-go
  • Low variance
  • Don't consume as many brain cycles away from the tables

  • Time-consuming (even the Turbo SNGs)
  • Frustrating
  • Expected returns on investment are insignificant when playing sit-n-gos with buy-ins < $200
Despite these cons, I think I could use a little mindless fun that won't cost me my bankroll. I like the fact that there is (usually) a right move to make at all stages of a sit-n-go. Although you'll hear "it depends" quite a bit when discussing cash games, things are much more black and white when sitting down to a SNG.

My biggest concern is the puny return on investment that can expected while playing a sit-n-go. At the $10 - $20 range, an ROI of 15% is considered quite good. If I average 10 SNGs a week @ $12 a pop, I could expect to make $18 a week in the long run if I'm really on top of my game. That $18 of profit translates to about $3/hour. Yuck.

But I think that focusing on sit-n-gos is a good step for me now. It will allow me to approach poker as a source of fun and not as a frustrating source of secondary income. My winning nights will fill me with purpose, happiness, and should both satisfy my short-term rewards and competitive spirit. And my losing nights shouldn't bother me too much given that I'll rarely be able to play enough sit-n-gos in one session to put a real dent in my bankroll.

I'm still not sure how I'll tackle choosing my stakes. And I'm not yet sure how and when I'll move up and down the buy-in ladder. I'll think about that tonight and get back to all of you tomorrow.

I've been reading and re-reading Moshman's book, Sit 'n Go Strategy, in an effort to brush up on the necessary skills. I'm almost ready to throw my hat in the ring yet again.

It'll feel good to play poker again!

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Sad News

I will be unable to post at either Klopzi's Mediocre Poker or The Greedy Gamer until next week. I lost a good friend to cancer this week. She put a good fight. She defied the odds every step of the way. And I will miss her dearly...

When my friend was diagnosed with liver cancer, they gave her three months to live. Thanks to advances in cancer research and treatment, she gained an additional four quality years of life to spend with her young daughters. She watched them grow, learn, and become the tremendous little girls they are today

I urge everyone out there to please donate to the Canadian Cancer Society or the American Cancer Society. For you poker poker players out there, I urge you to donate a single buy-in to your game of choice. And for you gamers out there, do you need to buy another game in the next few months now that you're playing GTA IV?

Please feel free to leave a comment after you make a donation. I'd like to show the list to my friend's family later this week.

Thank you in advance for your generosity. We may not see the end of cancer in our lifetimes.

But we're getting there.

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I cursed myself when I mentioned that my youngest was sleeping through the night. He now does the exact opposite. If you'd like to know how well I'm sleeping right now, divide the hours from midnight until 7 AM into manageable 10 minutes chunks. I don't think that sleep gets any more broken than that...

I haven't played any poker. I don't think that comes as a shock to most of you. It's hard to play poker when you're tired or just not feeling up to it. Variance and poor play have ways of making mice out of men. I really feel bad for my poor blog. Poker bloggers who don't play poker are worse than useless. But what can I do?

I've considered the possibility of hitting up some sit-n-gos. The only thing holding me back is memories of a nasty cold streak last Fall. Well, cold streaks and video games. My video game blog (The Greedy Gamer) is doing alright, thanks to the amount of video gaming that I've been doing over the past couple months.

In any case, good luck at the tables for those playing. I'll be back soon, hopefully with a poker story or two.

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