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Who flipped the switch?

Is it just me or is the entire poker blogger community going through a downswing right now? Everywhere I turn, I'm reading about tough hands, bad luck, tilty plays, and thousands of dollars lost over very few hands.

So...who flipped the Doom Switch?

I'll be honest. I've managed to avoid the bad luck this month. You might argue that's because I've played less than two thousand hands...and you'd be right. It's amazing how much of my bankroll I'm able to save by simply limiting the amount of poker that I play.

I guess I went through my spurt of bad luck last month. Actually, what started as bad luck quickly turned into mild tilt. Mild tilt brought on some dubious plays which led to super donkey tilt. And, of course, super donkey tilt caused me to forget how to play poker and things just got worse from there.

So for all of you out there getting beaten down, either hang in there or take a break while you still can. If poker were easy, everyone would be playing it, right?


If you do plan on sticking with poker, why not sign up for some rakeback to help cushion the blow?

And if you plan on taking a break, why not pick up a copy of GTA IV for your Xbox 360 or Playstation3? The greatest video game ever gets released this coming Tuesday April 29!


SimpleStyle said...

"It's amazing how much of my bankroll I'm able to save by simply limiting the amount of poker that I play."


Klopzi said...

Usually I'd say LOL.

Recently, it's so very true to be almost tragic...

Luckily my bankroll's big enough to withstand the ups and downs of variance.

Anonymous said...

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Mike said...

I have nice br too

hopes no more tilt... dont want to build it from beginning playing freerolls...