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Weekends, Gambling, and Games

I thought I had another hand to post today. Upon further inspection, it appears I was wrong. Let's just pretend that I had second pair in a multiway pot, pushed, and got insta-called by a supposed horrible player holding the nuts. Now call me a donkey!

I didn't have a particular hand in mind while presenting the vague hand above. But the scenario is quite believable given my play of late. Although I'm still in my "poker-hates-me-so-I'm-going-to-play-video-games" mood, I am going to try and hit the tables a little more in the next couple weeks. A good first step will be returning to Poker Stars and spending some time at the $0.50/$1 NLHE while I try to grind out 2400 FPPs in order to clear a $120 bonus.

For my sake, I hope things go well. Another big losing streak might put me on super monkey tilt and force me to cash out a little more of my bankroll and place it in the "video game fund". I envy all the pro and semi-pro poker players out there who have the nerve to keep playing their A-games while experiencing a losing streak: I find it next to impossible myself.

One thing I may do if things don't improve is to try sit-n-gos again. I'll still lose but at a much slower pace. I seem to recall doing quite well playing SNGs until I hit another one of my disastrous down-swings.

I hate variance! If I saw variance on the street, I'd go up and slap his face and steal his wallet...I think video game violence is getting to me. I saw it coming the other day when I found myself jumping on some mushrooms that had fallen to the ground in the grocery store. Then, of course, there was that incident where I jumped on a turtle in my backyard, picked him up, and chucked him at the kid next door quietly lobbing hammers at me...

Have a great weekend everyone! I'm off to gamble and/or play video games and/or drink...

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