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I'm back at Stars for the time being. My goal? Grind out 2400 FPPs and earn myself a $120 bonus. A secondary goal is to make back some of the cash that I lost at Stars back in March.

I'm not going to worry too much about my past play. I think it's time to look forward and to stop dwelling on the past. I'm still up quite a bit for 2008 so I'll stop complaining and looking for excuses regarding my poker playing abilities.

I've played very well at times and I've played terribly too. That's poker and that's life. All I can change is how well I play in my next session.

The only question now is: when is that next session going to happen? I had little-to-no free time over the weekend. On Friday night, I deposited some money onto Stars. The few minutes it took to complete that transaction represented the entirety of my poker-time that night. I spent the rest of the evening relaxing with my wife.

Saturday and Sunday were both extremely busy. Running on just shy of 6 hours sleep since for the entire weekend, I was far too tired to play poker when 10:30 PM on Sunday night rolled around. Instead, I played some video games before hitting the sack.

As much as I'd like to give poker a shot tonight, I barely slept three hours last night; frankly, I'm exhausted. My life is fast becoming a waking dream. I find myself losing bits and pieces of the day. I'm at the point where I don't remember how I get to and from work everyday. The only way I can tell that I am going to work at all is that I'm still receiving regular paychecks.

With time being such a rare commodity nowadays, I'm happy that I've got three months to grind out my bonus . If I can two or three table the $100 NLHE tables, I'm looking at about 24 hours of "work" to get this done. This is certainly do-able, though I fear that Grand Theft Auto IV will hog all of my free time for the entire month of May.

In the end, I need to start winning money at the tables again. I want to feel that feeling of invincibility that comes parcel and package with a heater. I want to sit down at a table and know that I'll be winning a bundle.

For the time being, I'd settle for a nice meal, a drink or two, and a solid seven hours of sleep...

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