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Pocket Queens

I've never understood why so many poker players have an irrational fear of Pocket Queens. Jacks? Sure - sometimes they can be tricky. But Queens?! Come on! If you're not winning with Queens, how good a hand are you looking for?

But then a friend of mine sent me a series of hands featuring his Queens against his Villains' various hands. And it's not pretty...

I'll be back in the next day or two with some of these hands and a few of my own. Let's see just how happy or sad you should be to turn up your cards and find Siegfried & Roy (aka. The Hilton Sisters) staring back at you.


Quick Update: Poker not going so well. Very few hands played. Even fewer "good" hands played. I've actually thought about sending the following letter: anyone have a mailing address for me?

Dear Poker Gods,




Have a good one!

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