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Nowhere Fast

I played about a hundred hands at Stars yesterday. I ended up about even for the day. I got screwed over when I got all-in with my AK in the BB against the button's AA. But I cold-decked the same guy five or six orbits later with my AA versus his KK. There's something to be said about not losing money in a session - but I need to string together some winning sessions if I'm going to regain my desire to climb the ranks of the poker world.

Unfortunately I'm still not really "feeling" poker. One month ago, poker was all I cared about. I was determined to play the higher stakes and start making the big bucks. Twenty losing sessions later, my desire to play has waned to the point where I've started to question poker's place in my life.

I seem to go through the same phases of loving, tolerating, and hating poker over and over, so I have no doubts that poker will return in full-force eventually. I think sleep deprivation has played a role in killing my game. It's hard to play well on less than six hours sleep. And I haven't even had fours hours of uninterrupted sleep since early March. I've also found that exhaustion does not help my patience at the tables nor does it help me to better accept the intricacies of chance and variance.

Until I get bitten by the poker bug again, I probably won't play very much poker. But I'm going to do my best to continue posting hand histories and looking for advice for the hands that I do play. If I can keep my game from getting too rusty, my transition back to poker should go pretty smoothly.

I'll be back next week with some hands and some poker talk. I'm going to hit the tables this weekend and see if I can clear a good chunk of my Poker Stars bonus.

Have a great weekend eveyone!


WillWonka said...

I feel your pain as I played over 1,000 hands last night and ended up a whopping $40 (25c/50c)as I road the up and down rollercoaster of poker.

I would have to say that feeling fresh is vital. If you go into a session tired or not ready, it definitly effects my game.

Just rethink and re-prioritize. If poker isn't on the short list for now, so be it.

Klopzi said...

will -

I hate playing a lot of hands and coming out behind or even. I don't have much free time and it feels like such a waste when I'm not ahead. That may be one of the reasons that I've been playing poorly.

I guess we'll have to see when poker makes a comeback for me...