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Going Pro?

Things have been pretty busy, precluding me from getting started on my "Pocket Queens Suck" posts (name liable to change). Instead, I've been making some hit and run posts over at my other site - The Greedy Gamer.

On the plus side, my traffic is booming over at The Greedy Gamer. On the downside, increased game time means that my poker bankroll has only grown a measly $100 this month.

In poker-related news, have you read Alan's recent post where he hints that he'll be testing the waters of playing online poker professionally? I gather that he's still a few months away from taking the plunge but it's still exciting news. Since I'll never go pro myself, I'll have to live vicariously through those who can. C'mon Alan - let's do this already!

And in completely unrelated news, I'm finally getting a little more sleep. I'm sure that simply posting this will subject me to countless sleepless nights from this point forward. Still, I had to say something given the number of "I'm tired" posts in the past year and a half.

That's all for today unfortunately. Have a good one!

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