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What Goes Up...


Last week, I was sitting atop a healthy bankroll and up 7 buy-ins at $1/$2 NLHE.

Today, not so much...

I wish I could pinpoint a specific hand or two that led to my downfall (pictured above) but I can't. Over the past week and a half, I dropped 7 full buy-ins at the $200 NLHE tables and I'm still a little shaky from the experience. With a third of my bankroll gone in a puff of smoke, I think I'd better take a little break from poker.

I was planning on playing my Xbox 360 last night. Relax, unwind, forget about my recent poker downswing. Instead, I played poker.

Ran JJ into QQ pre-flop: -$130.

Ran my rivered two pair into the flopped nut straight: -$100

Ran my Cowboys into a flopped set: -$100

Ran TPTK into a flopped set: -$40

Pre-flop raises and missed flops: -$200

Ran TPTK into rivered two pairs: -$100

And the list goes on. It was a bad night. I understand that variance goes both ways and I'm just now experiencing the pain that I dished out to my opponents in February. But it doesn't hurt any less. When you define yourself by what you do and what you play, it's hard to feel good about yourself when your hobby-du-jour bends you over and says hello.

This post is not to say that I'm going on hiatus. I'm going to take the next few days off from poker. Play some Mass Effect, watch some TV with my wife, and try to shake the fear that's settled into my poker game. When I do hit the tables on Sunday, I'll be returning to the $100 NLHE games for a while. I think I'll try to build my bankroll up to about $4K before I take a shot at the $1/$2 games again.

I've still got some hands that I'm going to post. No bad-beat hands. I see little to no value in posting bad beats. I think we all understand that it sucks to lose to runner-runner. And we've all enjoyed having our opponents hit their two or three outers on the river and take our stacks.

Rather, I'd like to post the hands that I feel I played poorly or played well - there are more of the former, unfortunately.

The only upside to my poker play in March is that I'm quite close to hitting my SilverStar VIP status at Stars. It's a small thing but I'll take it!


Anonymous said...

hi klopzi
My name is Darrus - Ive posted a comment on your blog before but i read it regularly.
It seemed like you were running well a while back but not so much now. My only advice (and i do this myself) is maybe to try & keep pots small even if you feel you are way in front. This can lead to many small pots won which increase your confidence ( and poker is all about confidence)and minimise the physcilogical effect of bad beats.
I know this goes against an aggresive players instincts but i have found it helps me keep making correct decisions (if a pot isnt large it doesnt matter if i win or loose as long as i make the correct decision.

Also you said you were going to have a night off - you need to stick to this decision when you make it - it seems with a young family you could easily have a quality night without playing poker.

Regards & good luck on the felt!!

Darrus (aka 5cent Refund)

Klopzi said...

Darrus -

Good advice on all fronts.

After losing a few buy-ins, I was definitely trying to force my hand a little and win some big pots. Hopefully I'll learn from my mistakes and go from there.

As for taking the night off, it can be tricky at times. In my case, I found myself sitting alone at 10:30 with nothing to do. I couldn't get to my Xbox 360 and I was afraid to turn on the TV since my wife was asleep beside me.

So I turned to poker and got pwned.

As you'll read in an upcoming post, I'll be looking to tackle poker again this coming Friday. Until then, I'll be doing my best to un-tilt myself.

Thanks for the comment.