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Time to Lift the Curse!

Back to the tables tonight and ready to kick ass! I've also decided on a plan of action. We'll have to wait and see how things work out.

Earlier today, I withdrew a good chunk of my bankroll into my discretionary fund. I still have enough to play at the $100 NLHE limit. Until I build up a bigger 'roll and regain my confidence, I think I'll revert to my short-stack strategy once again. This style of play can be generalized as tight pre-flop play with an itchy post-flop trigger finger. TPTK is gold when you've got less than 50 BB! I'm hoping that playing short will lessen my fears of getting stacked (a terrible fear to have when playing NL) and allow me to focus my efforts on a good pre-flop/flop game. I'll worry about the turn and river portions of my game when my laptop starts to feel like an ATM again!

I'll also be three-tabling: I tried it the other night and quite enjoyed it. It really helped me stick to a "tight-is-right" type of attack. At two tables or less, I start to read too much into my opponents' play. Thinking on the 3rd or 4th levels does you no good when your opponents are only playing their cards.

I hope to lift this bizarre voodoo-like curse (aka. super-duper-monkey-tilt) that seems to have killed my skills and destroyed my game, my sanity, and my bankroll. I may not define myself as a poker player but I'd much rather be a winner than your run-of-the-mill gambling loser. Voodoo or not, something's busted and it's about time that I fix it!

At least I've locked in enough cash to buy myself a PS3 should things fail to improve! If you feel like helping me reduce my month-to-month variance, please feel free to sign up at PokerStars or RakeTheRake.com.

Have a great weekend!

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