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Struggling: Hall of Shame (Vol.3)

After a good bout of running well at the tables, I'm sad to say that the streak is over. What used to be easy and straightforward is now complex and frightening. Since the first of this month, I've been unable to pull together a single winning day at the tables. The sad part is that I'm still getting incredibly lucky whenever I have the chance to push all-in. But I'd rather not rely on hitting gut-shot draws on the river to re-invigorate my failing bankroll.

In addition to making
numerous poor decisions during my hands, I'm also flopping quite poorly. My pocket pairs aren't hitting sets. My big cards aren't connecting. And my opponents are not folding to my continuation bets. A typical hand for me plays out as follows:

  1. Raise pre-flop and get called by one or two loose players.
  2. Completely miss the flop.
  3. C-bet the flop and get check-raised or called.
  4. I either fold on the flop or manage to see a cheap showdown where I lose to bottom pair with my unimproved hand.
The bad plays that I've made have been pretty expensive and include a few ill-timed three-bets on the flop and some ill-conceived check-raises on the turn. In one hand, I tried to represent a king on a K-x-x flop against one opponent and ended up firing on both the flop and the turn. The Villain in that hand held an underpair and LOL'd me when took down the pot.

Last night, I hit a new low when I suddenly found myself on "Take A Stand" tilt.

After missing countless flops in my past three thousand hands, I finally managed to hit second pair. When my opponent played back at me, I refused to give up and fold. I was on tilt.

Titan Poker 0.50/1.00, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

saw flop | saw showdown

Button ($20.25)
SB SB ($117.10)
BB ($105.05)
UTG ($340.10)
UTG+1 Hero ($50.00)
CO CO ($30.00)

Preflop: Hero is UTG+1 with A T
1 fold, Hero raises to 4.00, 1 fold, SB calls 3.50, 1 fold.

(No reads on the Villain here.)

Flop (9.00) J T 6
SB checks, Hero bets 6.00, SB raises to 16.00, Hero calls 10.00.

(Flop was pretty coordinated and there was a lot my opponent could have. When the Villain check-raised me, I lost it. I put him on a flush draw (any draw - I didn't care) and planned to shove the turn as long as no heart showed up. Unfortunately, there were a large number of hands that my opponent could have held that had me well behind: QQ-TT, 66, KQs, 98s, AJ, or JT. At this point, I was only ahead of hands like KT, QT, T9, T8, 99-77, and 55-22.)

Turn (41.00) Q
SB bets 30.00, Hero moves all-in for 30.00.

(When the Villain put me all-in on the turn, there is no way that I'm ahead. The pot was pretty large and the Villain must have known that I was committed to the hand. I called because I was sure that the Villain was bluffing.)

River (101.00) K

(I hit my straight...)

Hero shows A T
SB shows T J

Hero wins 101.00 with A straight, Ace high

(Terrible. I deserved to lose this hand. I made a terrible call on the flop and the turn. I got extremely lucky and doubled up.)

Heading into the weekend, I just hope that I can regain the confidence that I had last month at the tables. I achieved my Silver VIP status at Titan Poker last night - time to move to PokerStars for a while. Perhaps the venue change will ignite a change in my game. My game is completely broken right now. I just want to pick up the pieces, put it all together as best I can, and start winning again.

And if I can stop getting all-in on the flop and the turn drawing extremely thin, I'll consider that a big step towards status quo. I need to find my A-game but I'll even settle for my B-game or C-game if necessary.

Have a great weekend!


joxum (Denmark) said...

(sorry if this appears twice)

Just a quick vote of confidence from Denmark.

One thing that has never worked for me is playing on steam. It'll get you nowhere except deeper in the hole.

Take a break and come back stronger.


Klopzi said...

Joxum -

You're right about playing on steam. I do my best to stay even-keeled while at the tables.

But I'm not perfect and only human...