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Next on the Shopping Block

The following post is not about poker - strictly speaking. It does revolve around ways that I'd like to spend my bankroll though...

Now that I'm thinking about video games again, due in small part to my current losing streak, I'm starting to think about some more purchases that I'd like to make in the next three to six months. As with my laptop, I refuse to spend any "non-bankroll" money on the various technological frivolities that litter my house. What's the point of playing poker if I can't spend money like a crazy mo-fo?

In the words of my uncle - "He who dies with the most toy wins". Let's see what toys I have lined up...

My current video game setup at home consists of:

  1. One Xbox 360 Pro console.
  2. One 19" Acer LCD Wide-screen monitor.
  3. One Sony mini Dolby Digital 5.1 receiver with four-speaker headphones.
  4. One Xbox 360 VGA Adapter.
This set-up sits on a shelf beside our incredibly comfortable couch in the basement. Whenever I'm in the mood for a little game-time, I'll place the monitor on the coffee table in front of my seat on the couch. The 19" monitor displays the 360's wonderful graphics via the VGA adapter. And the games are all delivered in 5.1 digital surround sound courtesy of the Sony mini-receiver.

This set-up allows me to enjoy the thrills and spills of video games without tying up the television. Any wives out there with "gamer" husbands know what a pain in the ass it can be to have the entire home theatre system tied up because the man-child they married is busy playing Halo 3. I'm all about compromise and I find that my set-up is ideal. My wife and I can now sit beside each other on the couch while we each do our own thing. My gaming does not interfere with anything that she chooses to do with her free time. And I'm completely oblivious to the world at large when I'm jacked into my Xbox 360. Of course, my wife still gets occasionally annoyed if she wants to sit and talk and I'm busy shooting things in the face.

So what sort of purchase am I looking to make? Don't I already have the ideal system?

I'm looking to add a Playstation 3 console to my home-gaming system. My current set-up is a little prohibitive if I choose to add this new console to my regular gaming rotation. The biggest problem is the Playstation 3's inability to interface directly with a computer monitor. The PS3 has HDMI output but does not provide the VGA output (via a DB-15 connector) that my computer monitor takes as its input.

The other major issue is one of digital sound. My Sony mini-receiver is great...as long as I have only one digital input. With two digital inputs (one from the 360 and one from the PS3), the whole system really breaks down. I have two options in addressing this problem: buy a digital audio input switcher or buy a new receiver. Strangely enough, the two options are quite similar in price.

Putting it all together, here are the components and anticipated costs of building my personal home entertainment system:
  1. Xbox 360 Pro Console ($0)
  2. 5.1 Dolby Digital Receiver w/ two digital audio inputs ($300)
  3. 20" - 26" LCD Television with HDMI input and one of either VGA or Component Video input ($350)
  4. Sony Playstation3 Console ($400)
I'm looking at a total cost of around $1200 after tax. At my current rate of -10 BB/100, I wonder how long it'll take me to earn that much?

Maybe I'm better off thanking my sponsors and hoping for continued business!

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