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Getting Back on the Horse

I spent most of last week complaining that my game had gone to Hell in a handbasket. After missing flop after flop, after a little "Take A Stand" tilt, and after a number of ill-advised c-bets and bluffs, I forced myself to play 500 hands at the $100 NLHE buy-in level.

I'm happy to say that my time at the $100 NLHE tables was good. I made a little money - though much of this can be accredited to some great luck - and have moved back up the $200 NLHE tables.

The question is: how are things going?

I've only played a single session of around 400 hands at PokerStars' $1/$2 tables. Unfortunately, I lost just north of one buy-in. My streak of missing flops has not come to an end. I find myself raising pre-flop and getting called by one or two Villains. I miss the flop and end up losing money on failed c-bets.

Last night, I tried changing things up. Rather than automatically c-betting each flop, I tried to keep things cheap when in a pot with some opponents who couldn't fold. In theory, I should have won my fair share of these pots given my higher-than-average pre-flop raising standards. Alas, that wasn't the case. But getting rivered isn't too bad if the pot is kept small.

I have some hand histories to share but I can't seem to get the converters to work right now. I'll be sure to come back later this week with some of my best and worst hands.

All told, I was down about $150 over the weekend. I didn't play all that much, putting in just shy of 1000 hands. I gave three-tabling a try on Saturday night and had fun. Next time, I'll probably wait for my youngest son to be in bed before trying to play more than two tables. My session was punctuated by frequent squeals and squawks from my happy little guy. He just wanted daddy's attention and I love him for it.

As I enter a fresh week of poker, I find myself doing well with most of the goals that I set for myself this month. I've already obtained Silver VIP status at Titan Poker. And I should have my SilverStar status at PokerStars in another 6-8 hours at the tables. The only goal I'm having problem with is the whole "maintaining or improving my winrate" goal. I still feel awkward and unsure at the tables and I can't figure out why. Hopefully I'll find my confidence renewed at some point and I can get back to playing some real winning poker.

Until then, I'm going to start mixing in a little video game time. All work and no play makes me a little crazy. And I find that playing poker on a nightly basis can make my little hobby sometimes seem like a second job. So I plan to intersperse a little Mass Effect throughout my weekday evenings in an attempt to unwind even further. I'm hoping that a little less time at the tables will help me regain my focus.

Even with a little less poker in the next week or two, I still see myself clearing SilverStar status and possibly trying for GoldStar VIP status. Otherwise, I might attempt a triumphant return to Titan Poker as a Silver VIP member. And let's not forget Full Tilt poker: I definitely need to give them a fair shake at some point.

Have a great week everyone! I'll be back either tomorrow or Wednesday with some hand histories and, I hope, news of my improved poker game and unrealistically high win-rates!


Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Poker feeling like a second job. Tell me about it. Hell, it IS my second job.

Klopzi said...

I dont' mind poker as a second job when I'm winning.

When I'm losing, I can't help but wonder what the f*ck I'm doing with my free time.

Thank God for video games. Just as ghey as poker with none of the "money" bs getting in the way.