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The Four

I'd like to say thanks to Ed Miller, Wes, Fuel55, and RecessRampage. Not only are these four gentlemen bloggers successful and savvy poker players: they are also fine teachers of the game of no-limit hold'em.

Ed Miller's books - No Limit Hold'em: Theory and Practice and Professional No-Limit Hold'em Vol. 1 - continue to teach me new things about no-limit hold'em cash games on a daily basis. The more I read and the more I play, the more I come to identify the leaks in my game and correct them. Ed Miller completely changed the way I approached no-limit hold'em and improved my game drastically in the space of a single sentence:

"If you're not getting stacked while playing no-limit hold'em, you're not playing it correctly."

Over the past couple years, I've watched Wes move up in stakes and crush his competition at the 6-max no-limit tables. Wes was an early inspiration for me given the amount of success he was realizing at the tables in so short a time. After only a few short months, Wes was already making $60 an hour playing the $1/$2 NLHE games. I was playing micro-stakes limit hold'em at thte time of this revelation. I was in awe at the amounts of money Wes could earn by playing the same game I was playing albeit at a much higher level (both in stakes and ability).

Fuel55 is a fast becoming a legend amongst poker bloggers. Fuel55's hand history posts have taught me many things, the least of which is that pocket fives are pretty damned good ("Presto is Gold!"). What makes Fuel55's posts so good is that he'll show you his thought process over the course of a hand. Read enough of these posts and you're sure to improve your game. It's amazing how quickly you can break out of your old ways of thinking and start to properly assess profitable situations in a poker game when given the proper examples and a good teacher. I look forward to many more posts from Fuel55 even though I expect to see a little less poker from him once the baby arrives in April. My advice is for Fuel55 to start investing in Rockstar energy drinks: never will $3 have such a profound effect on one's ability to play late night poker.

Finally, Alan's (aka RecessRampage) blog is a new addition to my list of must-read blogs. Alan's had a quick rise from zero to hero in the world of no-limit hold'em. He recently told me that he went from $1/$2 NLHE up to $5/$10 NLHE in the space of a year. Whether or no I can replicate this task remains to be seen but I'll be trying very hard to make it happen. In addition to Alan's success at the tables, he's taken a page out of Fuel55's book and posted a large number of quality hand history posts. Alan also posts frequent no-limit hold'em lessons with examples taken from his online play. If you plan on playing any no-limit hold'em poker against me, I'd prefer you didn't visit Alan's site: I need as much of an edge as possible when I sit down to rub the virtual felt for an hour or two.

I can only hope to provide my readers with as much wisdom, insight, and quality poker play as Ed, Wes, Fuel, and Alan have for their readers. I have a lot to learn before I can sit down at a $5/$10 NLHE table but I'll get there.

Speaking of which: I'm ready to move up the $1/$2 6-max NLHE tables after finishing up the most profitable ten days of my poker playing career. Hot streak aside (there's a $300 disparity between my actual earnings and expected earnings), I believe that I'm playing some of my best poker ever. I believe this is due to the four bloggers (well, three bloggers and one blogger/author) discussed above. I'll wait until the end of the month before posting any numbers to avoid hearing cries of "insufficient sample size" and "unsustainable". I'm playing well and that's all that matters to me at this juncture.

Wes once told me that he believed that the jump from the $50 NLHE games to the $100 NLHE games was one of the hardest to make. I really hope that to be the case. I have enough bankroll to withstand a few stackings at the $1/$2 NLHE tables before I'm forced to retreat back to the relative safety of the $0.50/$1 games; however, I'm not anticipating moving back down again.

Tonight I'll hit the $1/$2 NLHE games at PokerStars pretty hard. If I am on a heater, I'd like to play as much as I can before the cards cool down. After that, I'll have to rely on my wits and the wisdom "The Four" to carry me through.


Lucypher said...

Klopzi, Well said. I already read Ed Miller's blog and Fuel55's. I just discovered RecessRampage's. I will try out Wes' on your recommendation. Thanks and Good Luck at the tables.

Klopzi said...

Thanks Lucypher.

These four blogs are all gold and should help you improve your game immensely.

Good luck to you too.