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Always Thinking

A year and a half ago, I asked a set of questions on my site in a post titled Somebody Set Me Straight. I was interested in how other bloggers and players made a go of things: where they played, what they played, and the importance of bonuses and rakeback on those decisions.

At that time, Wes had just started to get his groove on and was doing quite well four-tabling the $1/$2 NLHE 6-max games at UB and Full Tilt. Although he stated that he liked PokerStars, rakeback was definitely important to him - it's important to all volume players. [NB: Sign up for rakeback at RakeTheRake.com - it's awesome!]

Wes also stated that it was very important for him to select the games where he felt he was offered the most EV. In his own words:

"I am not a bonus whore no more as I am more worried about extracting the most EV out of a given session than I am about not losing the bonus."
Lo and behold, Wes has been crushing the NLHE games for quite a while now and is playing at some reasonably high stakes.

So how does all this apply to my current situation?

I've been playing the $100 NLHE tables at Stars for the past few days while clearing a bonus. Up until recently, Titan Poker was my site du jour, offering lots of tables, bad players, rakeback, and bonuses. However, I've noticed that the sheer volume of players on PokerStars has really helped make the games on Stars quite good. Although I'm working towards a $125 bonus, I've managed to clear quite a bit at the tables since the start of the month. Given how little poker I tend to play, I've started to wonder if I should stick with Stars after I've cleared the bonus simply due to the number of fish willing to stack off with no pair, no draw. Many of the bad players that I target at Titan Poker could probably do quite well in the PokerStars games.

I'm sure MJ (aka Mr. V.) would tell me that I don't need to worry about where I'm going to play "tomorrow"; instead, I should focus on where I'll play "today". It's really against my nature to simply roll with the punches. I like to know where I've been, where I am, and where I'm headed. I spend quite a bit of time thinking and re-thinking my goals in poker and in life.

I can say with some confidence that I'll be playing at PokerStars for the next few weeks. I've got another 1200 FPP to earn for my bonus. After that, we'll see if I return to Titan or if I continue to go with the flow and work towards earning enough VPPs to obtain become a GoldStar VIP member. I'd like to earn enough FPPs to get a free iPod but not at the expense of earning more money via rakeback. Maybe I'll even give Full Tilt another try at some point.

I'm going to try and put in another session at PokerStars tonight. Things have been going well and I hope that the trend continues. One thing I'll need to do is take my game one hand at a time and try to make the best decisions I can. And maybe one day, I'll take a seat next to Wes at a $5/$10, $10/$20, or $25/$50 NLHE table.

Of course, I'd sit out immediately and look for some softer opponents...

Have a good one!

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