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Year in Review: Poker Stats 2007

After making a brief "year in review" post yesterday, I decided to go back and look over my numbers. Well, it seems that I was a little off in terms of my sit-n-go winnings. I thought I'd go over some of the numbers that shaped my poker life last year. Why? Because I can and it seems that there are many of you out there who enjoy reading about the cold hard numbers if last year's Year in Review is any indication.

Let's see how I did...

First things first: I don't have any records of the poker I played prior to July 2007. When I returned from my first 5-month hiatus from poker, I decided to go for a fresh start. So I cleared out my PokerDominator records and created clean databases for Poker Tracker. The stats I have for you consider only my time at the 6-max no-limit hold'em tables and the small number of sit-n-gos that I played last September.


I have a love-relationship with SNGs and, to a lesser extent, MTTs. I love dead money but hate variance. Every time I sit down at a poker table, I want to win: this is the wrong attitude to have as a SNG or tournament poker player. Tournament poker is a good teacher of variance. In order to stay sane and succeed, you need to embrace the variance and learn to ride its choppy waters. Enjoy the times when you're up, learn from or ignore the times when things are not going all that well.

Unfortunately, my brain just isn't built that way. For the most part, I put my money in with the best of it as I'm sure most of my readers do as well. Then again, I clearly attribute my tournament poker successes to skill and my tournament poker losses to luck...as I'm sure most of my readers do as well.

My run with sit-n-gos lasted just over a month, beginnning a month before my second son was born and ending a couple weeks after he first opened his eyes and screamed "HELLO!". Overall, my "in-the-money" percentage stood at a whopping 40.54%; however, my "return on investment" percentage rated an abysmal 1.53%. The low ROI% was due to an awful losing streak that all started around the time of this post.

Here are my SNG and MTT stats as recorded in my PokerDominator ledger:

Tournament Details by Buy-In

Tournament Details by Number of Players

Tournament Details by Tournament Type

6-Max No-limit Hold'em

Starting in July of last year, I decided to re-focus my poker efforts on short-handed no-limit hold'em. I'd done well with that particular game in the past and I was hoping to win a little money while re-learning the game. I was a worried that my game would be too rusty to be considered usable; however, things seemed to work out after a slow start back.

Overall, I was successful at the SHNL tables last year though I only played poker on 43 days. Here's a quick summary:

Here's a quick overview of my Poker Tracker stats:

Some of the important things to notice from the two charts above:

  1. I didn't play enough 6-max NL to draw any concrete conclusions about my NL hold'em skills. That being said, I'd say that I'm on the right track to being a winning poker player.

  2. Did you notice the jump in BB/100 between the $25 NL and $50 NL games? The secret of my success lies solely in the book Professional No-Limit Hold'em Vol. 1. Why not click this link and buy the book already?

  3. My VP$IP is a little on the low side for 6-max games, though well within standard TAG norms. I'm happiest at the poker tables when everything is routine. Although I could try to play a little looser, I'm happy with my hand selection at the moment. As I gain more skill and experience, I expect my VP$IP to climb closer to the 25% mark.

  4. You'll notice that I very rarely defend my blinds. As I mentioned in this post, I don't think that blind defense is all that important in no-limit hold'em. I'd rather save my money by not playing out of position in a raised pot.

  5. I'll need to start attempting to steal the blinds a little more. Although I was doing fine at the lower buy-in games, my steal attempts were greatly reduced when I moved to the $50 NL and $100 NL tables. I think this is simply a confidence issue. As I get more comfortable with my game and can better identify my opponents, my number of steal attempts should increase to around the 40% to 50% range. I should mention that I pay particular attention to my opponents in the blinds and very rarely try to steal when tricky TAGs or insane LAGs are sitting to my left.

  6. I'm happy with the amount of aggression that I'm showing throughout my hands. I concede that I'm typically less aggressive on the turn where I tend to favour pot control over preventing the free card. I don't see this as a huge problem, especially when I'm playing a full 100BB stack. It is something that I'll have to look out for and improve on if I find myself unable to build large pots with my big hands.

  7. I can't believe how much rake I paid last year in just under 10,000 hands. I got about $100 of that back, but still...

I hope that 2008 turns out to be a banner year for me on the poker front. If can squeak my way up to the $200 NL tables and continue winning, I'll consider this year to be a smashing success. Though I doubt I'll make any substantial gains in my bankroll, I hope to continue improving on the amount of money that I win at the poker tables (as opposed to blackjack or sportsbet winnings). Believe it or not, 2007 was a much better year in terms of poker winnings than 2006 - if you exclude the MTT that I won in November 2006. I played much more consistently in 2007 due to the study and hard work I put into improving my SHNL game.

I'm looking forward to poker in this New Year. With a new perspective on poker and some new skills under my belt, things could get interesting...


sag said...

nice job, just have fun at the tables and think of it as what it is, a game...
happy new year 2008 my friend

Klopzi said...

Thanks sag - you too!