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Win your own copy of Poker Academy Prospector!

***Click here for contest details!***

Poker Academy Prospector is a poker analysis software tool that allows online poker players to review every last detail about their past poker sessions. If I was to compare Prospector to existing tools out there, I'd say it combines the very best of what other software packages offer and more. Poker Academy Prospector is slick, easy-to-use, and infinitely valuable piece of software for any poker player looking to learn from his past mistakes and improve his game. Most importantly: Poker Academy Prospector will help you earn more money at the poker tables!

When I first launched the software, I had Poker Academy Prospector load up all the hand histories I had stored in a single directory on my computer. Within seconds, Prospector had loaded all the ring game and tournament hand histories that I had saved in the past year from my time at Party Poker, PokerStars, Full Tilt, and Absolute Poker. For what it's worth, Prospector also supports Tribeca and Ultimate Bet too!

With my hands loaded into Prospector's database, I was able to review every single hand of every single session that I'd played in the past year for both my tournament play and my ring game play. I was able to see every conceivable stat for each and every hand that I'd played as well as my overall stats across all my sessions. I could replay every single hand in a replay window, allowing me to better visualize what had happened over the course of my sessions and easily pinpoint where things had gone well and where things seemed to have tanked. I was also able to see how long my sessions had lasted and my win/loss amounts - invaluable for proper bankroll accounting.

My favourite feature of Poker Academy Prospector is the ability to run reports and print out graphs showing how well I'm performing (or how poorly I'm under-performing) at the tables. If you're serious about poker, you know how important it can be to monitor your win rates. Prospector allows you to quickly ascertain how well you're padding your bankroll and allows you to quickly identify the situations or the hands that are costing you money.

Even though I spend most of my time playing at Titan Poker (the iPoker network is currently unsupported), I was able to review my recent Party Poker sessions. I'm a real stats junkie and I loved the amount of detail that Poker Academy Prospector was able to give me about my play, my opponents' play, and my sessions' win/loss ratios.

If you're looking to improve your poker, why not give Poker Academy Prospector a try? You can download a free trial right here: http://www.poker-academy.com/hand-history/!


To show how much faith I place in the Poker Academy Prospector product, I'm running a little contest for all of my fellow poker bloggers.

Here's how the contest will work:

  1. The contest will run until February 14, 2008.
  2. Make a post on your blog and include a link to this page (http://klopzi.blogspot.com/2008/01/win-your-own-copy-of-poker-academy.html). I'd like to spread the word about this excellent product!
  3. Leave a comment below that includes the URL of the post you made.
  4. For each post you make, I'll enter your name into the draw.
  5. You may make as many posts as you like; however, I'll only count valid and readable posts (ie. a post containing only a couple words and a link will not be counted). Of course, saying nice things about me and my blog will greatly increase a post's validity in my eyes...
  6. On Valentine's Day, I will randomly draw three different bloggers' names from my virtual hat. Each of these randomly selected bloggers will receive their very own full-retail copies of Poker Academy Prospector!
I also invite anyone who's used the Poker Academy Prospector software to leave a comment.

Good luck to all who participate! For the rest, get out there and buy yourself a copy of this invaluable poker analysis tool!


joxum (Denmark) said...

I'm not participating because I already have my own copy of Prospector. But I see no other posts here, which is -EV for everyone who doesn't use the sofware.

Prospector gives you a ton of information in a simple-to-use interface. Much more fun to use than any other analysis software. Well, perhaps with the exception of Poker Academy Poker Pro 2...


Klopzi said...

Thanks for writing Joxum.

It is strange that no one's signed up yet. I think the software's pretty good and you can't beat the price I'm offering...

sag said...

I just saw this 2 days ago and thought I leave you a message that I blogged about it. Does this qualify for an entry?

Klopzi said...

sag -

You've been entered. Remember - you can enter as many times as you like before the contest closes. At the moment, you're in the lead! ;)

Clark Nova said...

Count me in! Getting good odds on this one...Thanks.

My Blog Entry

Clark Nova said...

sorry, reread the rules - here's the URL instead of link:


Klopzi said...

Clark -

You've been entered in the draw.

And thank you.

wrote by me said...

I just posted a second post about it, don't know if today is too late, but neverthless I did what you told me ;)