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Quick Weekend Recap

I don't have much time to sum up this past weekend.

Here's the long and short of it:

  • Played a little $100 NL at Titan Poker late Friday afternoon and lost a half buy-in after getting all-in pre-flop with my TT versus an aggressive player's AK.

  • Lost $20 of free bonus money from InterPoker and lost it on my first hand at a $50 NL table. I posted in the big blind and got stacked in a heads-up pot where both my opponent and I hit our flushes on the river: my Queen-high lost to his King-high flush.

  • I managed to run the $20 I had remaining at InterCasino up to $100; however, I can't touch the money until I've cleared an additional 93 MPPs at InterPoker. Unfortunately, I have no money at InterPoker and very few options for depositing there so I'll have to look into player to player transfers. Failing that, I may just gamble like a madman and try to win enough in the casino to make it worth my while to deposit via cheque or wire transfer at InterPoker.
I'm still feeling good about my game at this point. I've been playing pretty solid poker lately, though the games can be predictably dull at times since there's little room for creativity when playing the short-stack.

I'm nowhere near reaching my 5 hours of poker a week mark for January. Even so, I may take a little time to play more Mass Effect this week. I am aiming to play poker once or twice more before the month is up.

Oh, and I ordered a some more poker books for my birthday. I'll have to wait a few months before any of these books show up at my door but I'm not in a rush. Lots to keep me busy until then.

That's it for today! Have a good one!

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