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A Quick Look Back

New Year's resolutions can be quite funny. We pick lofty goals, pressure ourselves to no end in the hopes of obtaining greatness, then fall flat on our faces time and time again. Although 2007 was a good year financially at the poker tables, I failed to meet a single one last year's resolutions.

Last year, I resolved to accomplish the following:

"1. I'd really like to hit $20K in career earnings. I'm not sure whether I'll make it given that I have a wonderful wife and son that I want to spend time with and a crippling Xbox 360 addiction; however, I'll do my best. It will definitely be much harder to earn money this year given that I will be staying clear of the blackjack tables in an effort to focus solely on my poker game.

2. I'd like to drop 65 lbs. this year. Yep...I gained weight last year. I really packed on the weight when my wife was pregnant...about 30 lbs if my calculations are correct.

3. I'd like to find myself playing at the $4/$8 and $5/$10 short-handed limit hold'em by the end of the year. Given the criteria outlined here, that means that I'll have to play at least 25,000 hands of very good poker. The plan will be to finish off the last 5000 or so hands at the 1/2 tables, then play 10K hands at 2/4, and another 10K at 3/6. At that point, I hope that my game is solid enough to begin tackling the bigger games."

How did I do?

Well, I hit about $11K in career earnings before going crazy and cashing out all but $1000. The money that I'd saved up got spent paying bills and buying a few video games. Oh, and I'm sure a large portion of my former bankroll went towards purchasing shares in Huggies, one poopie diaper at a time.

Could I have hit the $20K mark? If I'd stuck with short-handed limit poker, it's quite possible. My bankroll goal was dependent on me getting into the $3/$6, $4/$8, and $5/$10 6-max limit hold'em games; I didn't even come close. The games got harder, variance screwed with my head, and I chickened out and moved into $25 buy-in 6-max no-limit hold'em.

Unfortunately, the move to the $25 NL tables meant less money coming into the bankroll on a nightly basis. Doubts about playing poker began creeping in. Why waste my valuable time playing for pennies online when I could be playing the latest and greatest video games on my Xbox 360? And so I took my first hiatus from poker in February.

July saw my somewhat-triumphant return to the tables. I'd played loads of video games and was ready for the challenges of poker once again. Although I spent a little time at the 6-max $25 NL tables, I quickly jumped up to the $50 NL tables as soon as I my bankroll hit the twenty buy-in threshold.

I continued playing no-limit hold'em until September. After a good run in a few sit-n-gos, I figured that I could make more money playings SNGs than I could playing NLH. And so I dove whole-heartedly into the world of single table tournaments. I went on a hot streak that saw me quickly bump my bankroll by about $600. And then variance came by and screwed me out of about $300.

And then my second son was born! At that point in time, I decided it'd be best to leave poker behind me for a little while until I was getting enough sleep and enough free time to warrant logging any time at the tables.

In late December, I sat down and started playing some 6-max $100 NL. As I mentioned in my last post, I'm attempting to log at least 500 hands of poker a week for all of 2008. By keeping things casual and avoiding bankroll-related goals, I'm hoping to avoid hitting hiatus status yet again in 2008. I really do enjoy poker and I need to remind myself of that fact when things are going quite as well as I'd hoped.

If I happen work up enough of a bankroll to play some $200 NL, so be it. If not, I'll keep plugging away at $100 NL. And who knows? Maybe 2008 will be the year when I take up Omaha? Or perhaps it will be 7-card stud? And when all else fails, I have my Xbox 360 to keep me busy.

As for last year's resolution to drop 65 pounds, I'm still working on it. Only 65 more pounds to go...

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