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The Presents Keep Comin'

A couple days ago, InterPoker sent me an e-mail informing me that they'd placed $10 into my account as a birthday present. Pretty sweet of them considering that I haven't had the opportunity to play at InterPoker ever since Neteller pulled out of the online gaming industry. In any case, I figured I could take my $10 to a 6-max $25 NL table and try to run it up to a respectable amount then cash out. And that's when I remembered that I'd also received an e-mail from InterCasino...

In that e-mail, InterCasino offered to add $20 to my real money account if I wagered as little as a penny on any of InterCasino's table games or slots. So I took the free $10 that InterPoker had given me and spent $0.01 on a single spin of the Spider-Man slot machine. I then e-mailed InterCasino to let them know that I'd fulfilled my end of the bargain and that the ball was now in their court.

Last night, I received notice that InterCasino had kept up their word (not that I had any doubts, mind you) and deposited $20 into my account. I then opened up InterPoker and went to sit down at a $50 NL table. I figured that a 60 BB buy-in would be enough to get me started. Unfortunately, the $10 that I'd used over at InterCasino to get the $20 bonus was unavailable to me. I e-mailed InterCasino support once again to find out why my $10 was being held hostage and then got down to playing some poker.

With only $20 available and with no $100 NL tables running, I bought in for 40 BB at a 6-max $50 no-limit hold'em table. As I waited to post, I watched the table and quickly spotted the two seats that would undoubtedly make or break me. There was a LAG with $150 in chips sitting three spots to my left and a loose-passive player sitting to my direct right. Although position is not as important when playing short-stack poker, I liked the fact that I had pretty good position on both these players.

I knew I'd have to wait for a hand before I could really play. With only $20 in my stack, I couldn't really play any of the suited connectors or other speculative hands and expect to meet with any real success. I was looking for either two big cards or a pair.

I'll wait until tomorrow to discuss the three important hands that played out at the table. For the time being, here's a quick overview of what happened:

  • I lose about $1 when I split the pot with TT against the LAG's A9.

  • I double up to just over $30 when I crush the LAG's A7 with my QQ.

  • I double up again when my Q8 crushes the fish's slowplayed AA.

Like any good "rat-holer", I left the table up $40. With a whopping $61.18 in my InterPoker account, I figured that I was happy to call it a night and requested a cash out via cheque. As I was shutting down the laptop, I noticed that InterCasino had sent me another e-mail. They told me that my $10 was not trapped at InterCasino and that I needed only wager another $0.01 on any casino game and they would give me another $20 bonus (redeemable only at the casino only, it seems). So I took another spin on the Spider-Man slot machine and then tried to access my remaining $9.98 from InterPoker.

Unfortunately, my $9.98 was still completely inaccessible. I guess InterCasino and I differ on what I meant when I said "trapped". So I did what any gambler would do: I took my money to the blackjack tables and started gambling. I played a couple hands at $2 a bet and lost both. I then figured what the hell and bet $5 on my next hand and won. I did the same again with $10 and doubled up again. At that point, my InterCasino account was sitting at $40 and, lo and behold, I could now pull $20 of my casino roll over to InterPoker.

In the end, here's where I stood at the end of the night:Not too bad for 30 minutes work using only a free $10 birthday bonus!

I'll probably play at Titan Poker tonight since I'd like to continue playing $100 NL. However, I'll probably visit InterPoker on Friday night for some drunken short-stack poker and reckless micro-stakes blackjack! Bonus money is so liberating!

I'll be back tomorrow with a session review of the three hands I played at the $50 NL tables.

See ya!


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on_thg said...

Man I miss playing the Cryptos.

Klopzi said...

Me too...

InterPoker was MY site, so to speak, for the first couple years of my poker career.

It's a shame that they've fallen so far so quickly since the UIGEA came into effect and Neteller screwed everyone over.

Maybe, in time, things will change...