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Rather than playing poker last night, I played peek-a-boo with my youngest son. I didn't win any money nor did I lose any money. I did, however, get to hear my son giggle his diaper off so it was definitely a +EV move. But if I get the chance to sit down down tonight at some time before 10:45 PM, I'll definitely be playing poker. I haven't played since last Friday and I really want to get a good session in before January's over.

I did play quite a bit of Mass Effect last night. Of course, I save all my video game discussions for my other site - The Greedy Gamer! There are a lot of great games coming out in 2008 (see my top 5 list here) and poker has afforded me enough money to buy any and all games I could possibly want.

Regardless of the video games coming out this year, poker will still be a major influence on how I choose to spend my free time. I'm serious about making it to the $1000 NL tables. The dream's alive though still in its infancy: I'll need more time at the tables before any of my poker-related ambitions get realized or cast aside. On Friday, I'd like to take a look at how things went in January and determine whether or not I'm still on course for some high-stakes poker starting in Summer 2009.

I'm pretty busy today so that's it for me. Have a good one!

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