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A moment of your time...

I had a pretty good session last night at Titan Poker. I played a pretty tight game and was rewarded by getting no action with my Pocket Aces, Pocket Kings, Pocket Queens, and Big Slick.

Actually, I'm exaggerating a little bit. After moving to a new table midway through my session, I managed to stack a solid player with my rockets when he decided to get a little frisky with me at the wrong time.

I'm a bit pressed for time tonight so I can't write much more. As much as I'd like to post some hands from last night's session, fatherly duties call and I have no choice but to answer.

I'll be back tomorrow with some honest-to-goodness poker talk.


Oh! One last thing: I've added a few new blogs (in the sense that they're new to me, not new to the rest of the blogging community) to my blogroll:

Why not go give them a visit tonight?

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