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Late Night, No Poker

I wanted to play poker so badly last night. Around 9:30 PM, I got my laptop ready and was about to run to the fridge to grab a Rockstar energy drink in preparation for a solid session of $100 NL. Unfortunately, my youngest decided to start crying and fussing at 9:32 PM. After my wife finished feeding him, I helped soothe him as best as I could while encouraging my wife to relax. What a long, crazy night...

Once all was said and done, I finally got some free time at midnight. But I was too tired to even fathom loading up any tables so I went to bed. Having kids is one of the best decisions that my wife and I ever made, but it sure as shit isn’t always sunshine and lollipops. The past week has been quite trying in terms of mine and my wife's collective sanity, but we're managing and taking it day by day.

I'm going to try and play poker tonight. I'll continue repeating that phrase until it becomes reality. I want to play poker. I want to get better. I'd like to someday be able to play in the Ultimate Blogger Grudge Match. It'd definitely be -EV for me but I'd like to play with those bloggers who take poker seriously and have the skills and bankrolls to prove it. As fun as it is to constantly read about who won this week's Mookie and MATH blogger tourneys, I'm more of a cash game player myself and I like to read about big pots won and lost. All exceptions aside, I also believe that cash game players tend to play better than tournament-only players though I'll admit that I'm biased in my view since I can't stomach the variance of tournament poker.

And while I'm at it, let me just say for the record that I hate it when people post hand histories and abbreviate Ace-Ten as "A10". Everyone knows that "AT" is the better convention!

I also hate the seats on the buses I take to and from work everyday. They all suffer from at least one of the following problems:

  • The seats are too small.
  • The seats are too contoured, hard, and downright uncomfortable.
  • There's little to no leg-room.
I spend most bus rides either sitting ass to ass with Stinky McGee, thong-ing the hard plastic edge of the seat between my cheeks, or trying in vain to sit comfortably as my knees are grated to shreds by the textured aluminum backing of the seats directly ahead.

I'll also be cleaning up the list of blogs maintained on my site and adding some new blogs to the mix. Regrettably, I'll be removing all links to blogs that haven't been updated in the past few months. If I happen to remove your blog and you'd still like to be linked up again for whatever reason, just e-mail me and I'll put your link back up.

I'll also add the blogs of those playing in the big blogger cash game, namely:By the way, if there are any bloggers out there focusing primarily on the mid- to high-stakes cash games (Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, whatever), drop me a line and I'll add your blog to my list. While I'm not looking to really learn much in terms of poker strategy from the higher-stakes players, I'm fascinated by the psychology of it all. I believe that the mental game is a large part of a poker player's success and watching how these players cope with hot streaks and losing streaks makes for good reading.

By the way, just a quick congrats to Al on his 1000 posts! Al's blog was the one of the first poker blogs that I ever read and he's the reason I decided to start blogging. And though our blogs could not be any more different, I do owe Al some thanks for introducing me to my biggest time sink in recent years.

I'll be back tomorrow with a recap of my first full month back at poker. Of course, by "full" I mean five hours at the tables but that's beside the point.

Have a good one!


sag said...

I am not playing much poker at all right now, but I still enjoy reading your blog from time to time :) I just left you a comment in your contest post and wanted to use this here to add an additional comment to your precious little mediocre blog ;) keep it up, it's always fun to read.

Klopzi said...

Thanks sag!