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Distinguished or Just Plain Old?

According to the radio this morning, psychologists have declared January 21st, 2008 to be the most depressing day of the year. Short day, long night, frigid temperatures outside, and Christmas expenditures all make today the worst day of the year for most people.

It also happens to be my birthday...

I had a busy weekend, filled with cleaning, more cleaning, baby-sitting and a bit of the whole Sunday worship thing. I also ate my own body weight in spinach dip and snack mix too, which has probably not helped my waist-line. And, wonder of wonders, I managed to put in a couple hours at Titan Poker as well.

After reading Scott's recent post, it seems silly that I still look on poker as an honest-to-goodness way to generate income. But you know what? I like poker. Sure, there are times when I hate it...but I'm of the forgive and forget school of thought. Even with all the lows that poker has offered me over the past two years, I still feel that the highs have made it all worth while.

When I put in a couple hours on Saturday, I was first treated to the highs of pulling just over half a buy-in at the $100 NL tables. Although I failed to play any big pots, I did manage to take down a $50 pot by virtue of my A J against another player's overplayed A 6.

Unfortunately, I gave it all back (and then some) a bit later when the following hand occurred:

Titan Poker 0.50/1.00, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

saw showdown

Button Hero ($47.00)
SB ($95.00)
BB ($112.00)
UTG ($254.00)
UTG+1 ($52.00)
CO Villain ($98.00)

Preflop: Hero is in the Button with Q Q
2 folds, Villain calls 1.00, Hero raises to 5.00, 1 fold, BB calls 5.00, Villain calls 4.00

(The Villain in this hand is a typical calling station. Nice and loose pre-flop and willing to call off large post-flop bets on a wing and a prayer. With the BB joining in the festivities, my stack-to-pot ratio (SPR) for this hand is 3. I'm planning to stack off as long there is no ace or king on the flop.)

Flop (15.50) 8 9 2
BB checks, Villain checks, Hero bets 12.00, 1 fold, Villain calls 12.00.

(The flop is perfect for my hand, so I'm committed. The flop is pretty safe: I'm now looking to build a big pot that will allow me to get all the money in on the turn or river. When the BB folds and the Villain calls my near pot-sized bet, I'm not surprised and start licking my chops. )

Turn (39.50) Q
Villain checks, Hero bets 15.00, Villain raises all-in for 81.00, Hero calls 15.00.

(When I hit my set on the turn, I was just hoping that the Villain would be willing to get all the money into the pot. I gave a slight pause before betting $15, hoping to induce a call. I probably could have pushed all-in but I was greedy and wanted the call. I'd still be offering the Villain 6:1 on his money if he called the turn bet and had to call another $15 on the river.

When the Villain instantly re-raised all-in, I called quickly. I was hoping to see a set or two-pair; instead, I saw...)

Hero shows Q Q
Villain shows J T

(Damn...Well, I had ten outs to fill up on the river and take a good chunk out of the Villain's stack.)

River (101.00) 3


I played the hand well, executed my script according to plan, and ran into a monster hand. These things happen and I'll no doubt recoup my losses at some point. All told, I finished my session on Saturday down about $24 which is not too bad. One interesting note: pocket Queens are now my biggest loser in terms of money lost. It seems that my opponents like to hit monster draws on the turn when I'm holding the Hilton Sisters.

Although I'd normally celebrate my birthday with some cake, beer, and poker, things are a little different with kids. My plans include giving the kids a bath, ordering chinese food, watching TV with my wife, and then falling asleep...

...ok, I may squeeze in a short session at Titan if I'm not too tired after the festivities...


WillWonka said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I need to go back and read some of your older stuff as my last two years have also been pretty sorrowful; but yet I keep coming back.

BTW, my birthdays these days are the same except you might substitute McDonalds for Chinese food...

Klopzi said...

Will -

We should've gone with McDonalds. We spent $40 on Chinese Food and are then forced to wolf down a plate of food while trying to bounce my youngest son to stop his screams of terror (or hunger or joy or whatever the hell it is that he feels compelled to yell about).

Birthdays just aren't the same with young kids...

Michael said...

Happy belated B-day!

Klopzi said...

Thanks Michael!

Hope to see you blogging more frequently in the New Year! I always enjoyed the hand histories.