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Book Worm

I haven't had much of a chance to play any poker since my "monster" one hour session on Saturday. I was hoping to play a little poker on my birthday; however, I thought that a little poker might mean more than 15 minutes of hurried poker while my youngest son whined and cried. The poker bug has now taken over once again and I'm eagerly looking forward to my next session. In the meantime, I've been doing my best to work on my game away from the tables.

Your average B & M poker player would probably make fun of me for spending so much time reading poker books. Professional No-Limit Hold'em: Volume 1 is currently being re-read for the fifth time. I felt it necessary to break out the big guns after finishing off Chris Moneymaker's book, aptly name Moneymaker, for a second time. When I first read the book, I felt that Chris Moneymaker's thoughts about gambling and poker showed a certain amount of immaturity, naivety, and just plain ignorance. In his defense, Chris did win the 2003 Main Event so I may simply be jealous.

Still, Moneymaker's reasoning while describing hands seem a little flawed at times. Every time Chris found himself in a big pot, he needed a lot of luck to pull himself out of the fire due to his comically faulty thought process. Here's a example of Chris's reasoning:

  1. Geez, the player sitting under-the-gun doesn't play many hands. Oh wait, he's raising! I'll call with my J9 on the button and see what happens.
  2. Okay, the flop's showing A K 9 and UTG is betting into me. I can't see what he could possibly have here so I'll call.
  3. Turn's a 5. Oh man, UTG is betting again! I'm gonna raise him and push him off his hand. He's tight so he'll fold. Shit! He called and he's showing AK! Well, I'm gonna have to get lucky here!
  4. River's a 9! I win! I'll high-five everyone and mock the tight player to put him on tilt.
  5. I really think I could win this tournament even though I'm a nothing accountant with nothing but a stack of bills to his name and wife at home with a baby that we can't afford! Oh, and I only paid $40 for my seat to the big one!
The book is a quick read and quite entertaining for the "train-wreck" qualities of Moneymaker's life. It's always nice to read about a degenerate gambler who gets lucky and earns enough money to get his bail his family out of debt. Of course, the debt was almost solely incurred by Moneymaker and his penchant for sports betting.

It's a shame that Moneymaker chose to blow $25,000 at a strip club immediately after winning the Main Event instead of calling his wife. Moneymaker's wife later divorced him and I'm not surprised in the least: when you're married, it's probably best not to spend $25,000 on strippers and booze. But hey - I'm just an average family man trying to get through life without causing any waves.

Besides reading about poker, I've started re-watching Wes's poker videos that he put out last year (see here and here). I really enjoy watching him play, though I do wonder if Wes would consider me a "rat-holing piece of shit" for only buying in short for 50 big blinds whenever I sit down at the table. Probably. But I'm not about to buy in for a full stack and let better players push me off hand after hand after they realize that I'm not comfortable losing a lot of money on any given hand.

I've also been thinking about posting my thoughts on what it means to play winning poker. It's something I've been thinking about lately, but I'm still not sure how I'm going to get my point across. We'll see if I can figure things out and put something up.

In any case, that's all I've got today. Hopefully I'll log a bit of time online tonight and keep up my semi-hot streak. If I win, I'll stick with poker. And if I lose, then it's game time! That's what I call a win-win scenario!

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WillWonka said...

Hey, if you like videos, I have posted a few free videos from Stoxpoker that you might like. I have not watched them all; but I am hearing good things from them.

Klopzi said...

Will - Yes, I saw that. I plan on taking a look tonight, if I can.